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Released: 2006
Director: Halle Vanderhyden
Notes: Ninn Worx
Alternate Titles
  • Halle Vanderhyden's Sapphic Liaisons 3
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 152 mins.

For Pure Sapphic Liaisons 3, which was two years in the making, Halle Vanderhyden has paired up ten great girls and shot five highly stylised scenes. The girls perform in stark white minimalist sets with swathes of brightly coloured cloth adding interest.

Slim blonde Amberlina appears in the second scene sitting on a futuristic looking sofa in her fur trimmed negligee. As the set slowly rotates she strips. Amberlina's fingers leave her mouth and, after a brief pause on her pert breasts, ease their way into her white panties. Kellemarie appears, almost identically dressed, the fur trim on her outfit being lemon not pink. She replaces Amberlina on the rotating sofa and, licking her luscious pink lips, she starts to caress her tits. Her white knickers are pulled tight into her snatch before being removed. Kellemarie lies back, gently fingering her fanny. The scene changes, both girls stand pressing their semi-naked bodies together as their hands explore. Kellemarie runs her tongue over Amberlina's nipple, before the pair fall onto the sofa. The girls lick and finger fuck. Kellemarie quivers as a big pink dildo slips between her legs and she moans as it slides in and out. The two lick it clean and Amberlina has a try with the pink plastic, Kellemarie stroking her clit till she climaxes. The two kiss.

This film is high-class eroticism at its best. In each scene the girls are brilliantly matched and exquisitely dressed in almost identical outfits with just the smallest details changed. The camera work is fluid and flowing throughout and the use of the rotating stage for part of each scene gives constantly changing views and angles. Pure Sapphic Liaisons blurs the line between hot action and high art.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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