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Released: 2009
Notes: Bluebird Films, widescreen
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Running time: 110 mins.

After you get over the shock of Michelle Thorne singing the title theme to the film and seeing some dodgy dancing by the cast, Cindy Behr takes you on a guided tour of the Secret Garden, where fairy tale and folk law mix over six scenes.

Down at the bottom of the Bluebird garden there is a battle between good and evil. Fortunately, Cindy Behr is on hand to take us through the undergrowth to meet her fairy friends. In a clearing, Michelle Thorne and Starr play with a balloon. Shedding her lime green and pink, Starr has her boobs for the girls to play with. In shimmering purple, Cindy eases out her tits to let the girls lick. Fingers and lips soon find their way to fannies. The girl on girl fun is brought to an abrupt end when a gorilla bursts out of the bushes. The girls bring him to a stop by wanking and sucking his cock. The three each take a turn being fucked by the ape man's dick until he jerks his load over their faces.

Dressed as little red riding hood. Natalie skips her way along the path towards her grandmother's house. Inside, she enters the bedroom where a wolf lies in wait on the bed. About to make her escape, Natalie notices his stiff cock poking through his jeans and decides to stay. With fairy Cindy's encouragement, Natalie falls to all fours and is fucked 'wolf' style. Cindy pushes in to lap at his dick as Natalie lowers herself onto his length. Climbing onto the cock, fairy Cindy wants some wolverine action, before the pair get showered in cum.

Back in the garden, Cindy sits on a mushroom, wand in hand. A magic spell and she conjures up two big dicked creatures. Cindy lets her boobs fall from her dress as she bends to suck on the guys' shafts. Riding the boys reverse, ribbons from Cindy's dress waft and wave. Her fun is halted when evil Angel imprisons her in order to get her lips on the dicks. Cindy can only watch as the poor creatures are made to fuck and suck Angel. Lifting her black skirt, she fingers her arse as her pussy is filled with cheb. Draining the guys' balls, Angel disappears off.

In black and yellow, Kelly (as Valerie Pearl) buzzes and bounces round a cage, while evil Angel teases and taunts her. If she swears an oath of allegiance, Angel will let her out. Before Kelly can utter a word, two cavemen jump Angel and drag her away. Her cries soon subside when she gets her hands on their cocks. Kneeling, Angel is taken from behind. Kelly rattles round her cage trying to escape as her friend Angel is banged up the arse and DP'd by the pair. With one guy shooting his spunk over Angel's bum, the other jabs his dick into Kelly's cage. A puff of smoke and the bars have gone. Kelly pulls her black panties aside and slips in the caveman's cheb. Dropping to the floor, she spreads her legs to be filled missionary. Jetting his jizz over Kelly's body and boobs, the two kidnap Angel.

Resting in a crook in a tree, Cindy hears singing. It's Kelly, as Robin Hood, marching off to her merry men. At her camp, Kelly finds Natalia sitting with Friar Fuck and Big John and challenges her to a fight, Cindy steps in to make the girls see sense - there's enough man pork for all. With Cindy's help, the girls mount their merry men. Kelly falls on her side to be taken spoons and Natalia taps her pussy with Cindy's wand as she's fucked missionary. Down on all fours, Cindy joins in the sex, being filled from behind then ridden reverse. Ripping at Natalia's blue dress, Big John ravishes her boobs as he jabs into her pussy. A little more action for all three and Friar Fuck gives the girls a facial. Big John then follows suit.

Dancing round the garden, Cindy plucks a peach. One bite and she feels horny. As she sits and masturbates, schoolgirl Suzie rushes past, being chased by two aliens. Evil Angel arrives. Setting one guy to fuck Cindy, she forces Suzie to lick her muff. Confronted by cock, Cindy and Suzie suck while Angel jabs at their pussies with fingers and tongue. Stretching herself open, Angel wants dick. In a mass of heaving bodies, Angel is spit roasted and Suzie taken missionary. Cindy slips off to prepare a special spell, while Angel and Suzie are humped and bumped. As the aliens spunk over Angel, she loses her evil powers, Cindy's spell has worked.

The ‘Magical' kingdom of the Secret Garden is full of the most nonsensical scenes going. At times it looks like the cast have raided the costume cupboard and come out wearing ... fairy wings, gorilla suits and alien outfits!!! Obviously the director (who has remained anonymous) hopes the weird attire, like the iffy camerawork, won't be noticed by the viewer amongst all the sex ... but it is. Shaky shots of the girls shagging guys dressed in sheepskin rugs can't be missed. Secret Garden is a strange and disappointing film from Bluebird.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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