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Released: 2010
Director: Kaizen
Notes: Kaizen / Television X
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Running time: 116 mins.

Based on the cult horror series Saw, Screwed is a psychological sex thriller in which a group of travellers are lured to a strange gothic hotel, never to leave.

Lost in the woods, Mark Sloan stumbles across a path and follows it to a large country house hotel nestling in the trees. Entering the hall, the place appears deserted. Mark is surprised to find a letter addressed to him with a room key lying on a table. Entering the room he flops onto the bed and drifts off to sleep. Waking suddenly, Mark finds latex clad nurse Kerry Louise strapping him to the bed. Probes are attached to his head. Watched by CCTV, Kerry Louise wraps her hand round his cock and starts to wank. Spitting on the head of his dick, she presses it against her tits. Mark's tongue flicks out as Kerry forces her boobs into his face. She leans forward to suck at his prick. Straddling Mark, Kerry holds her pussy above his mouth. He laps at her pierced clit. A spurred wheel is run over Mark's shaft, then Kerry pops it into her pussy and rides reverse. Loosening the straps, Kerry bends to be taken doggy. Holding the rubber clad nurse, Mark pile drives into Kerry, then cums on her tits. The power is applied to the probes.

Demitri is next to find the hotel. An envelope with his name lies in the empty hall. Settling into his room, Demitri settles down to sleep. His slumbers are rudely interrupted when he finds himself strapped to a wheel in the dungeon with Robyn, clad in black rubber, holding his cock. Wrapping a chain round Demitri's dick, Robyn licks and jerks. He wriggles to try and free himself as she wanks. Unbuckled, Demitri lifts Robyn onto a large black couch and climbs between her latex covered legs. He laps at her pussy. Turning onto all fours, Robyn eases Demitri's dick in, doggy style. Supported by two chains, Robyn lowers herself onto Demitri's erect shaft. Legs hooked over Demitri's thighs, Robyn slams down on his cheb. She jumps off and he shoots his load over her boobs. Robyn leaves the dungeon with Demitri chained to the ceiling as the clock on the wall hits zero.

Clare (as Frankie) and Jack wander into the house and read the letter left for them on the table. The two collapse onto the bed and their nightmare begins. In a tight latex dress, Clare finds herself chained up in the dungeon. A gagged Jack is strapped to a chair. Michelle B selects a whip from the wall and slowly wanders round the cell. Grabbing Clare's dress, she peels down the top and teases her tits. Her boobs hanging from her shiny black dress, Michelle leans forward and rubs Clare's shaven snatch with her rubber gloved hand. Moving closer, she laps at Clare's pussy. Lying back on the bench, Michelle holds Clare's face to her pussy. Donning a strap-on, Clare fucks Michelle missionary. Jack watches as the two 69. With one leg fastened up, a silver vibrator is plunged into Clare's pussy. She bites at Michelle's boobs. Down on her hands and knees, a big black dong is screwed into Michelle. The two smear their juice covered gloves over each other as they kiss. It's goodbye to Jack.

Backpacker Syren finds the hotel and looks it up in her guide book. It promises to fulfill all of her fantasies. She finds a key and lets herself into a room. Freshened up, Syren climbs into bed. Snapping out of her sleep, Syren finds herself tied to a chair in fishnets and suspenders, her boobs peeking out of an undercup bra. The door at the top of the stairs opens. A maniacal looking David descends into the cellar. Selecting a pair of sugar tongs from a shelf, he tweaks and twists at Syren's nipples. Parting her legs, he runs his painted fingers over her pussy and licks. Her arms released, Syren grabs at David's dick and sucks. Ripping off her mask, he pushes her back in the chair and fucks. Syren tugs at her clit as Dave hammers in, then she climbs on his cock for some reverse action. Down on all fours, she gets her tonsils jabbed. Syren jerks David's jizz over her breasts. Chaining David to the wall, Syren picks up a set of bolt cutters ...

Bound and chained, David finds himself in the dungeon. Tied up beside him is Valery S. The two recount their tales as to how they came to end up in Hotel Screw. A voice sets out a challenge: Only one will survive the night and leave the cell. The first to cum will lose. Valery gets away and gags on David's cock. Running her tongue over the damp head, she places it between her lips. David twists round to lap at her pussy and arse. Chains rattle as he jams in his dick. Rolling onto her side, the two shag spoons. The camera spies as David sucks at Valery's boobs. With David on his back, Valary gyrates on his cock. She drops on to all fours to be fucked doggy. A second session of spoons and David squirts over Valery's boobs. She makes her escape as the door slams shut.

Skillfully made, Screwed is one of the best psychological sex thrillers for some time. The special effects, sets and editing add to the air of apprehension, as six sexy girls indulge in hardcore action. If you want a scare with your sex then you should certainly try Screwed.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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