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Released: 2010
Notes: Adult Channel / Union Films
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Running time: 101 mins.

Over five scenes, six Brits - Emma, Jemstone, Paige, Portia, Saskia and Zoe - along with East European Monika, all have chance meetings whilst out and about on their daily business. In each case it leads to sex with a stranger.

Struggling with armfuls of bags, a gallant stranger offers to help Paige to her car. Her shopping safely stowed, Paige follows him across the car park and into the toilets to give her thanks. With him pinned in a cubicle, she unbuttons her blouse and yanks down his pants. Dropping to her knees, she takes his cheb between her lips. Knickers pulled aside, Paige jams her legs against the door frame and fingers herself. The guy moves in for a lick. Paige lowers herself onto his prick and gyrates. Wedging herself between the toilet and the wall, Paige is shagged missionary. She pushes herself onto all fours and the sex continues. The guy's dick twitches and his load is spent over Paige's back. Straightening herself up, she leaves.

Emma has been waiting for ages at a bus stop when Jemstone (as Gemstone) joins the queue. The girls get chatting and eventually decide it would be quicker to walk into town. Taking a short cut through a wood, Jemstone pops the question: has Emma ever had another girl? The two stop and kiss. Leaning against a tree, Emma lifts her tight red top to reveal her boobs. Jemstone stoops to suck. Slipping her hand under Emma's short skirt, Jemstone discovers she's wearing no knickers and sinks to the woodland floor to lick. Tugging at Jemstone's jeans, Emma tongues her shaven slot. She falls on to all fours and her pussy lips are parted. The pair 69, lapping and fingering each other's fannies. Then, lying on the grass, they masturbate. With each girl climaxing they continue their journey.

Pulling up outside a large house, Portia climbs out of the car and slams the door. She looks at her watch; the estate agent is late. Finally, he turns up full of apologies. A wander round the house shows that it needs more work than Portia initially thought. She heads back to the car and tells the guy that she needs time to decide, before realising she's locked her keys in the car. The estate agent offers to help and phones a garage. They'll be some time so the two go back into the house. Undoing her long black coat, Portia lets it fall to the floor and stands in her black and red lingerie and stockings. She tells the guy she's desperate for sex. Lifting her boobs out, she thrusts them into his face as she undoes his pants. Dropping to her knees, she sucks at his cock. Lying on the floor with her legs spread, Portia wants to be filled. The estate agent pokes her pussy with his fingers and tongue. Portia's body arches as she takes his length and presses herself against his balls. Turning onto her hands and knees in front of the fireplace, she's filled from behind by his length - first in her pussy, then in her arse. The two lie side-by-side and continue spoons. The estate agent shoots his spunk over Portia's stomach.

After a bar lunch, Zoe arrives back at her hotel and strips down to her bra and panties to relax on the bed. Digging into her handbag, she realises she's lost her phone so gives it a ring. Barmaid Saskia replies. She left the phone at the pub. Saskia agrees to drop it off on her way home. She knocks on Zoe's door and is invited in. Saskia hands over the phone, refusing to accept any reward. All she wants to do is get home and have a shower to cool down. Zoe suggests the use of her bathroom, an offer which Saskia accepts. Sitting at the desk in her underwear, Zoe watches as Saskia dries herself, then helps with her bra clasp. Zoe caresses and sucks at Saskia's nipples. The girls fall onto the bed and play with each other's breasts. Zoe slowly moves down Saskia's body towards her pussy. Panties off, the pair finger and lick as they twist round to 69. The girls continue to paw and rub pussies till they orgasm. Dressing, Saskia really has to go home.

In a very tight car park, Monika runs into Jay's motor. The pair swap details. Monika then gives her interpretation of what is meant by knock-for-knock.

Though the film was released in 2010, the five scenes in Sex With Strangers appear to date from much earlier, with a pre-boob job Paige and a young, blonde Emma. Overall, the film has some decent scenarios and good hot sex in each of the vignettes, although the use of natural light makes some of the scenes a little dark. Sex With Strangers may not be a classic, but it offers a good hundred minutes worth of entertainment.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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