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Released: 2011
Director: Paul Chaplin
Notes: Bluebird Films
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Running time: 136 mins.

From the outside it looks like a thousand other blocks of flats, but when the doors close on these luxury London apartments the occupants turn this anonymous building into Sex Tower.

Looking every inch the businesswoman in her pinstriped dress, Tanya shows prospective purchaser Paul around a penthouse flat. He's impressed by the fittings and the view of the city. Tanya flashes her stocking tops and asks if there is anything else he wants to see in order to clinch the sale. Pulling Paul's prick from his pants, Tanya bends forward and starts to suck to seal the deal. Reaching down, Paul lifts her breasts from her dress and squeezes as she eases her knickers to one side and slips on to his dick. The two bang away through the usual repertoire of positions - cowgirl, doggy and mish - before moving to the roof terrace to continue their fucking. Crouched down by the chimneys, Tanya wanks Paul's load into her mouth. With cream still dripping from her chin, the contract is signed.

Maid Jasmine carries Ian's breakfast into the bedroom and starts work on her dusting chores. Sensing something moving beneath the sheets, she pulls the bedding back to be confronted by Ian's breakfast sausage. Wrapping her lips around his meat, it slowly slips down her throat. Her tongue works its way down his length towards his balls. Pulling her black knickers aside, Ian rubs at Jasmine's clit and releases her boobs from the maids outfit. Standing astride her boss's prick, Jasmine slowly sinks down. Spinning round, Jasmine rocks and gyrates reverse cowgirl. Ian upends his maid and pile drives into her arse. A little missionary action and Jasmine is down on all fours, her bum high in the air, as Ian takes her doggy. Jasmine squirts as she cums. Ian fires his cum over her back.

Pete O'Tool watches as Paige stands on the balcony cleaning his windows. Wandering out to see her, Paige tugs at his pants to get at his dick and takes him deep in her mouth. Peeling down her teal green top, Pete fondles Paige's boobs. The pair head indoors. With her legs open on the leather sofa, Pete laps at Paige's white lace panties. He moves up her body and slides in his cock. Leaning over the red sofa, Paige is entered from behind. She takes control, mounting Pete's pecker reverse and slamming down on his thighs. More sex follows on Pete's reclining chair before he showers Paige's boobs in spunk.

Wearing shiny skin tight dresses, Emma and Romana turn up for an interview and audition at Wayne's flat. Hitching up her pink dress, Emma starts to dance and whirl around a pole. She's barged out of the way by Romana who's clad in shimmering green. Dropping their tops, the two press themselves against Wayne. Their hands move to his pants as he caresses their boobs. His cock out, the pair crouch and start to suck. Emma wanks Wayne's rod into Romana's mouth. Tugging at Emma's black panties, Romana devours her pussy. Wayne moves in to lap between her legs. With Emma sitting on Wayne's face, Romana rides him cowgirl. The duo take turns to sample Wayne's love muscle, both missionary and doggy. After an intense session of sex, Wayne shoots his load over the pair. Unsure as to who to pick, he invites both girls back for a second round of auditions.

Notepad in hand, Aaliyah (as Kaia Kane) sits cross-legged while listening to Paul's problem. It appears to be serious. Imaginary scantily clad girls are pursuing him all the time. Looking out of the window he can see Cindy flashing her boobs and pressing herself against the glass. Aaliyah tries to persuade Paul that it's all in his mind. His visions getting more vivid, Paul sees Cindy approach in red polka dot lingerie. She bends down to suck at his cock. In an attempt to settle Paul down, Aaliyah kneels beside him and takes his dick into her mouth. Leopard print dress lifted, Cindy laps at Aaliyah's pussy as she slaps Paul's cheb against her tongue. With Cindy masturbating, Paul lets Aaliyah lower herself onto his shaft. The imaginary friend moves closer and licks at the bonking couple. Dropping onto all fours, Paul pokes his prick into Cindy from behind. Aaliyah lies beneath the pair, tonguing. Standing behind Cindy, Aaliyah paws at her boobs as she bounces on Paul. The pair crouch for his cum.

Antonia (as Stacey Saran) and Cindy stand on the roof terrace dressed in sexy black PVC as photographer Ian snaps away in the night air. With the lights from the cars below twinkling away, the girls pull out Ian's prick and stoop to suck him off. With her blonde hair wafting in the evening breeze, Cindy steadies herself against the glass balustrade as she's entered from behind. Turning, she hooks her arms over the handrail. Feet off the ground, Ian fucks her. With her knickers sliding down her thighs, Antonia drops on to all fours to be filled doggy. Ian lies back with Cindy on his cock. The halter from her PVC dress flaps against his thighs. Moving inside, Antonia gets a chance to mount Ian's manhood. The girls kneel side-by-side to be shagged. A little missionary and Ian empties his cream over Cindy's bum.

Smoking a cigarette under a pale blue light, Jody relaxes on her recliner in a black basque and stockings. Her moment of serenity is broken when Alexis drags her slave boy Clark into the room. She tugs at his posing pouch and takes his prick between her lips. Getting out of her chair, Jody sends Alexis over to the sofa to masturbate while she sucks on Clark's cock. With a toy between her legs, Alexis watches as her mistress mounts Clark's length while down on the floor. She then spreads her legs to be taken from behind. Her pussy dripping, Alexis can do nothing as Jody crouches in her platform heels and slowly slides down on the erect rod. Eventually, she's summoned to jerk Clark's cum into her mistress's mouth.

Some of the Bluebird films produced in Britain have been a little patchy, but with Sex Tower they have turned the corner (and even managed to get the credits right). Putting seven scenes into a 2ΒΌ hour long film you might expect the pace to be rushed, but far from it. Each vignette allows the steamy action to flow naturally and, with ten hot girls on display, Sex Tower looks to be a winner.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle


Just north of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, where the pensioners live, is a newly refurbished block of flats topped by a stunning penthouse with panoramic views over southwest London. I know, because I sought it out after watching this film.

The location sets the standard for this terrific production from Bluebird which seems to do everything right. No shabby houses or Travelodge rooms. If immaculate Tanya Tate is going to put out to clinch a sale then she's only going to do it for the very best place.

Director and Bluebird boss Paul Chaplin resists the temptation to fuck the ten-strong entirely British cast on his own. So, after satisfying himself with Tanya, he gets Ian Tate to fuck ebony goddess Jasmine Webb, Clarke Kent to handle the delightful Paige Ashley and Peter O'Toole to insert his talent into Jodi James. Paul returns for a joint session with Aaliyah and Cindy Behr while Wayne enjoys a threesome with porn heavyweights Emma Butt and Romana Ryder.

Almost without exception the girls look fantastic and I have not seen them perform better. The scenes are well paced and the action is as filthy as one could want. All of it is clearly and crisply filmed. If there are industry awards to be had, then this film should be on the shortlist. Possibly my film of the year.

September 2012

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