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Released: 2012
Notes: Bluebird Films
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Male Talent:

  • Peter Oh Tool
  • Ben Kelly
  • Wayne Scott Fox
  • Paul Back
  • Doni Size
  • Si Watts
  • Jet

Antonia has an ambition: To own her own hair salon. So, she needs to make some money and quick! Armed with her little washbag, she heads out into the world to see what she can clean.

At Peter Oh Tool's garage there's a car - not hair - that needs washing. But with Romana Ryder there already, as soon as the soapy water starts splashing around, all thoughts of a clean car are forgotten. And anyway the girls are really dressed for something else, wearing fishnet stockings heels and a tight white singlet top. Peter is up Antonia's pussy as soon as she puts her bum in the air, while munching on Romana's pussy. The sex, in most positions with both girls, is spread across the floor and a handy piece of scaffolding. The scene ends with a joint facial.

Antonia is making a housecall at Lady Jasmine Lau's place. Jasmine's barnet looks good but it's her hair down below that needs attention. She raises her red satin dress to reveal bare pubes. Antonia attends to it with her tongue but is nonplussed by the continuing presence of butler Ben Kelly. Lying back on the sofa, Jasmine takes Ben's cock in her mouth. During the following foreplay both girls are stripped to their red and black hold-ups. Ben fucks them both in regular positions on the sofa and the floor, ending with a joint facial.

Visiting the offices of Bluebird, Antonia finds her clients in the mens room. The two black guys that confront her are slapheads. What could they possibly need her to do? Well, suck their cocks for starters. Then strip her down to just black fishnets and suspenders and impale her on their cocks. Antonia fucks the other dude by bending over and getting a spit-roasting and a couple of facials.

Tracy Venus is trying on a selection of fur jackets in furrier Paul Back's boutique. Antonia arrives to find she's been hired to shampoo not his hair but the fur jackets. She's not impressed and makes a scene but then, inexplicably, says she's hot and undresses herself. Tracy and Paul and Antonia fuck. Paul does both girls on an armchair and a then on a thick rug. Ends with a joint facial.

Conchita, in a black PVC dress, has a naked slave tied up in her dungeon. Antonia arrives in clinical whites and sets to work polishing the slaves cock with her mouth. Stripped down to her white stockings, Antonia gets fucked on a padded bench. The the girls both ride the slave, reverse cowgirl. Ends with a cumshot over Antonia's tits.

Paul Chaplin is a modern day Sweeney Todd who seems to be finishing off a bit of human filleting with assistant Sofia Valentine. Paul, in full manic-puppydog mode, can't stop talking as Antonia arrives for some advanced haircutting tuition. But who wants to cut when you can fuck? So Sofia removes her pants and releases her tits from her basque and gets fucked in the pussy and arse. Antonia assists and removing just her panties, gets in on the action in reverse cowgirl. Sofia takes the facial.

Antonia is a sales demonstrator for Alpine shampoo when an officious Paul Chaplin arrives. Antonia breaks out some 'Alpine Juice' which she give to Paul and customers Cindy Behr and Olga Cabaeva as well as their partners. The Alpine juice soon has an effect and all three girls have cocks in their mouths and/or pussies. Although the girls only remove their panties, their tits are also quickly out as partners are swapped. Doggy, mish, side-by-side reverse cowgirl - the usual in a six-some. Facials for all the girls,

With some recent Bluebird releases simply being vehicles for Paul Chaplin to fuck a large number of beautiful women on camera, I approached this release with a degree of caution. But it's Antonia Deona who does the heavy lifting here. Taking on twelve different cocks across seven scenes, her tight body and big fake tits are well-fucked. Given its episodic nature, I imagine this has been or soon will be shown on TV.

Although seemingly only recently available, (released in 2010) the film was made at least a couple of years earlier as in the opening scene Antonia walks past a Woolworths that is still trading.

Decent performances on location or in some cardboard sets but none the worse for that. Nice to see Tracy Venus getting Paul Back's thick member inside. A very good film.

Review by Bayleaf
August 2012

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