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Released: 1970s (Late)
Director: Lasse Braun
Notes: Mike Hunter, includes Call Girls, Uncle Roger, Nazi Games, Satin Party, Country Life, Jealousy (last three loops are edited versions)
Alternate Titles
  • Fantasmes Interdits France, VHS, Alpha Video Coll., No 616
  • Cosey Fanni Tutti part of loop Satin Party
  • XNK0155 includes parts of Nazi Games
  • XNK0156 includes part of Nazi Games
  • XNK0157 from loop Call Girls
  • XNK0158 from loop Call Girls, plays Yvette
  • XNK0160 part of loop Jealousy, plays maid
  • XNK0162 from loop Uncle Roger, plays Ruth
  • XNK0163 from loop Uncle Roger, plays Judi the niece
  • XNK0166 from loop Country Life, plays maid
  • XNK0754 part of loop Satin Party
Notes and Reviews

According to the Lasse Braun website, five of these loops are from the series "London 1977". The sixth loop, Nazi Games, is not listed, but it may be under an alternate title.

Tim Blackstone plays Roger, a seemingly normal guy in a normal British job, who has a habit of slipping into erotic daydreams at every opportunity. We follow him through an entire day from before dawn till after dusk. Much of the film is taken up by his daydreams, which are clips from Lasse Braun's loops.

Uncle Roger

The film opens with Roger in bed, tossing and turning, as the image fades into his first dream, a clip from Uncle Roger. This is a hot seduction scene, in which Roger and an auburn-haired beauty named Ruth seduce Roger's niece. Judi, the niece, is a cute teenager with an incredibly hairy bush. First the two gals do some g/g as Roger watches. Then he joins in for some oral, but waits patiently until Judi is begging him to fuck her before he finally plunges into her. After some RC and spooning, with Judi moaning loudly, Roger eventually shoots one of his famous Peter-North-style loads all over her belly. Ruth takes his cock in her mouth and sucks the last drops of cum out of him. After a few moments, Judi asks Roger to fuck her again, and he does, cumming a second time.

Roger wakes up from his dream and goes groggily into the kitchen for a drink of oj, then comes back to bed. We next see him at the breakfast table, eating while his wife talks. She accuses him of ignoring her, he makes a lame excuse and asks her something about Judi. So we can guess that maybe Roger really does have a niece by that name. He tells the wife he's not sure when he'll be home, and then he leaves for work. She wishes him a good day, but Roger doesn't respond. The wife looks unhappy.

We see Roger get into a Mercedes - steering wheel on the right - and he drives down the street on the left side, so we know this is probably filmed in the UK. From the scenery it looks like maybe a suburb of London. After a short drive, he pulls over across from a row of houses, turns off the engine, and nods off into his 2nd dream, a clip from...

Country Life

A maid comes into a bedroom carrying a breakfast tray and a newspaper. She puts down the tray and tries to wake up the guy in bed, who turns out to be... who else, but Roger? She calls him "Milord". He begrudingly wakes up and asks what time it is. Nine thirty, especially late for country folk. He asks what she's brought him for breakfast and when she tells him, he asks, "what about my eggs?" She admits that she forgot to make him eggs, and he's annoyed, so he tells her he's going to spank her. It's no big surprise when the spanking turns into some hot lovemaking. After a good romp, Roger lets loose another no-hands fountain-of-cum all over her. (Having seen the full-length version of Country Life, all I'm going to say is that while "Milord" is bonking the maid in the bedroom, "Milady" is screwing the groom/stableboy in the barn.)

Roger wakes from his daydream to find his coworker running from across the street and apologizing for being late, as he's overslept. Cut to Roger sitting at his desk at work. He looks frustrated and takes a break, walking over to look out the window at the street below. We can see London cabs and lots of businessy people. His coworker comes in and Roger tells him about his dreams. He says that in his dream the previous night, he seduced his niece and got a blowjob from his sister-in-law.

Cut to a woman talking on the telephone. We can see that it's the woman from Roger's first dream whom he called his sister-in-law, Ruth. She's talking to another woman whom she calls "Schwesterchen", i.e. "my little sister". The woman on the other end is of course Roger's wife, whom Ruth calls "Susan". Susan is complaining about her marriage and begins crying. Ruth is trying to console her, but she's also obviously horny, and starts masturbating with the receiver as Susan continues to cry on the phone. Finally she invites Susan to come over and hangs up.

Roger and coworker are sitting on a park bench eating lunch. An attractive black woman walks by and they start talking about what they'd like to do to her in bed. As Roger is watching her, he fades into his third dream, which is the shaving scene from...


In the clip, Roger is chasing a black maid around the kitchen (the maid looks a lot like the pretty black woman in the park). He forces her to strip out of her knickers, so that she is mostly nude except for black fishnet stockings, black pumps and her little white maid's hat. Roger spreads shaving cream all over her midriff and begins shaving away her pussy hair. Then she gives him a bj. The whole scene is sped up in fast motion and is quite funny. He's got a champagne bottle in one hand, and just as he's cumming all over her face, we hear the cork pop. (What we don't see is: in the original loop, his wife has just walked downstairs, and she turns the corner just in time to catch the cork in her mouth!)

Roger wakes from his daydream to his friend shaking him, and they reluctantly walk back to work.

Cut to Ruth opening the door to Susan. She tells Susan that she needs to find some prettier clothes to make herself more attractive to Roger. They clink their glasses and make a toast to "the new Susan". After drinking a bit of champagne, Ruth offers to give Susan a massage. Ruth tells her she's really very attractive, and that she wants to seduce her. "But you're my sister!". Despite Susan's objections, Ruth soon has her all hot and wet and they get into some steamy g/g action.

Cut back to Roger in the office. A young woman comes in to hand him some paperwork, and she turns out to be someone new who he's never seen before. He clearly finds her attractive and after a brief exchange, she leaves, as he nods off into his fourth daydream, a clip from...

Nazi Games

Warning: this is the scene with the tranny, so those who are turned off by gay sex should probably skip this scene.

In this clip, Roger is wearing the uniform of a WWII British aviator, and he's holding a toy missile. He lies down on the bed holding his missile like a teddy bear and begins to doze. Then we see two brunettes walk in, nude except for black fetishwear, and one is wearing a Nazi officer's cap, a red armband with swastika, and a Nazi pendant hanging from her neck. The other one has long, black hair, and she unzips Roger's pants and goes down on him. The first gal demands to know where the secret documents are hidden. He refuses to tell them, and she says they have ways of making him talk, as the blowjob evolves from one tongue to two.

The long haired gal shifts up so Roger can suck on her big tits, and then sits on his face. He spreads her pussy wide and gives her a good licking. Then she turns around and sits on his stiff cock for some reverse cowgirl. After a bit of hot fucking, we see the tranny, "Daisy", walk in. He/she has a feminine face, hairstyle, and figure; small breasts, a partially shaved snatch and a small cock. Daisy orders the long haired gal off Roger's cock, and takes her place. Now Daisy is riding Roger RC and getting some deep anal penetration. Daisy demands to know where the documents are hidden. The long haired gal is kissing Roger while Daisy rides him. She switches to sucking Daisy's cock while giving Roger a handjob, his cock inches from her face. Just as he's about to cum, Roger tells them where to find the documents. Then we see him cum all over the gal's face and Daisy's crotch.

Roger wakes from his daydream as his coworker walks back into the office. He tells him about his last erotic daydream, and the friend tells Roger he can offer some good therapy in the form of an appointment with a callgirl, whom he calls Yvette. This leads into a clip from - you guessed it...

Call Girls

Only, this time it's not a dream.

We see two girls in bed together. They are wearing fine lingerie and drinking champagne. They begin kissing and caressing, and one pours champagne on the other's pussy, then goes down on her. They switch, and now the doorbell rings. It's Roger, and he asks the girl at the door if she's Yvette. She says yes, and invites him in. Yvette introduces him to her friend and they share more champagne.

Switch back to a brief glimpse of Ruth and Susan. Ruth is making Susan up to look pretty for Roger, applying makeup and hairspray.

Meanwhile, Roger and the two callgirls are going at it. He's naked and they're licking him all over. They both go down on him, two tongues licking up and down his hard cock. Yvette moves up to give him some good French kissing while her friend sucks his cock. They switch, and Roger starts sucking on the gal's tits, which sends her into loud moans of ecstasy. Yvette tells him to stick his finger deep in her asshole, which he does. She loves it.

Another brief glimpse of Ruth and Susan, and we can see that Susan looks very pretty now that she's had help.

Roger and the two gals are now in a chain. Yvette is leaning back in a low chair while the other gal kneels in front of her and eats her out. Roger is kneeling behind the second gal eating her pussy in turn. Nice shot from above as he rises up, grabs his dick and slowly inserts it into her wet cunt. Her ass looks incredibly hot as he grabs her cheeks and pumps in and out of her. Another great shot from down low behind Roger: we can see his cock plunging in and out of her pussy and her breasts bouncing back and forth, almost touching the carpet. Then he spins her right side up, slides her down toward him, and takes over eating Yvette as he fucks the other gal's tits. Brilliant move! Yvette slides down to kiss her friend as Roger keeps fucking those juicy tits. Yvette is now licking his cock and licking the tits, back and forth. Soon Roger shoots his wad all over their faces and tits. They suck and lick his cock clean and then kiss each other, sharing his hot cum.

After another brief look at Ruth and Susan, we see Roger is now soaking in a bathtub while smoking a cigar, and the naked gals are sitting above him, pouring from two champagne bottles directly onto his cock. He sits up on the side of the tub, and they move down to give him another double bj. Once he's good and hard, he leans Yvette over the side and plunges into her hairy snatch. Soon he sprays them again with another of his famous fountains of cum.

Roger's coworker is sitting at an outdoor cafe drinking a beer. Roger drives up, walks over, and sits down to join him. He tells him the callgirls were terrific, and his daydreaming has finally stopped. The friend invites him to join him for a beer, but he declines, saying he just wants to go home for some peace and quiet. At the next table there's a group laughing and carrying on, and Roger is distracted by a pretty Asian gal in the group. Once at home, relaxing with a cocktail in hand, Roger nods off into his final daydream, a clip from...

Satin Party

At first we see Roger sitting on a couch with the same pretty Asian gal from the cafe, only now she is wearing sexy lingerie and a diamond-studded neckband just like the one Yvette was wearing in the previous scene. Roger strips off her knickers and goes down on her.

Cut to a party scene with Cosey Fanni Tutti and another gal who looks like the maid from Country Life. Cosey is nude, and her friend has on black latex fetish wear. They are making out on the floor while other folks are dancing behind them in the background. The erstwhile maid goes down on Cosey, and we get a great closeup of her spreading Cosey's beautiful pussy wide open and licking her clit, with Cosey's head writhing in the background. Cosey moves underneath her friend and takes a turn licking her juicy cunt. She's spreading the split crotch of the black latex and skillfully licking away, while her friend's big tits are bouncing up and down. Cut back to the Asian gal, now riding reverse cowgirl on Roger's hard cock. She moves off him and leans back on the couch as he takes her missionary, and we see her long red fingernails digging into his back. Soon he pulls out and does another no-hands cumshot onto her belly.

A street scene at night. The sound of a police siren (British style) as a cop car pulls into view. They park in front of a posh residence where a party is going on inside, as we can see through the windows. Four policemen get out and walk up to the door. Cut to the party inside, and we can see that there is an orgy going on in the same room with Cosey, the maid and the dancers, plus a lot more people than before. The police burst in and begin arresting people. This turns into a melee, as cops drag people out of the room and downstairs, into a waiting police van. Some of the faces among the partyers and arrestees look familiar from other Britporn. The scene ends as the police van pulls away - which is the ending to Satin Party and to Roger's final daydream.

Roger picks up the phone and calls his friend from work. He tells him his daydreams have returned and he sounds very upset. His friend is starting to reply just as we hear the door open and Susan walks in. Roger looks up at her and is surprised to see her looking transformed into a thing of beauty. He forgets about his friend on the phone who is yelling "Roger, are you there?!" and hangs up on him. He gets up and walks over to his wife, and he's speechless. They embrace, and walk into the bedroom. Their passion rekindled, they enjoy some hot sex for the remainder of the film.

Synopsis by Denaniel

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