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Notes: Amanda Charles Films WB430, DVD AD009
Notes and Reviews
  • Tiffany Vionette (Walker) solo on bed dressed in white
  • as a schoolgirl with Carlos, facial
  • schoolgirl, but makes herself up, changes to sexy outfit, gets out the dildo
  • dressed in black having a drink with Carlos and smoking, move to bedroom, sex scene including anal

Middle_Aged_Dutchman's view:

Amanda Charles, the producer of this video, also has a video called 'Best of Single Sensations 1', which contains the first (solo) scene of 'Teeny Special' by Tiffany Walker, together with solo scenes by two other girls, Sammy and Sabina.

There is also a video called 'Teen Deviants'. It contains Tiffany's two boy/girl scenes of 'Teeny Special', together with some scenes featuring other girls. I cannot tell you how many or who they are, as I have only seen a (very probably) illegal copy with Tiffany's scenes only. It was part of the 'Meltdown' series, also produced by Amanda Charles, but it is out of stock now. Compared to 'Teeny Special' some cuts have been made. The scene, in which her hands are being tied to the bed, has disappeared, for instance.

The vid is somewhat overexposed, but not annoyingly. It is the only one of her early videos that features only Tiffany (and Carlo, of course). Almost three hours of Tiffany! It is also one of the two films that I am aware of, where she has anal sex (the other one is 'Royal Ass Force'). Anal scenes do nothing for me, but there are quite a few devotees.

All things considered, in spite of overexposure, anal and smoking scene (yes, I am an ex-smoker; you've guessed it), this is my favourite Tiffany film. She looks so cuddly...

Scene 1 - Tiffany is lying on a bed, wearing a white dress with an oval-shaped peephole, leaving her belly bare, white stockings and high-heeled shoes. She bares her breasts, plays with them and licks them. She takes off her shoes and her stockings and puts on her shoes again. (This could only happen in a porn film! In real life I never met a girl who kept her shoes on in bed). She pulls aside her knickers and starts playing with her pussy. Only after a good while of masturbating she removes her knickers. She spends some time masturbating on the bed and then next to the bed, squatting.

Scene 2 - Tiffany is sitting on a bed in her schoolgirl uniform: shirt, tie, short skirt, socks, shoes and a straw hat with a blue ribbon. She is leafing through a porn magazine. Soon she starts fondling her pussy. Suddenly the door opens and Carlo, her Italian-looking neighbour, enters. Quickly she hides away the magazine. Obviously he has seen something, for he starts questioning her about what she just hid. After some hesitating she grants him a look. Soon she allows him to feel her body. He slowly undresses her until she is only wearing her knickers and her tie. He binds her arms to the bars of the bed. Passively she permits him to lick her breasts, to remove her knickers and eat her pussy. He brings out his prick and rubs her pussy with it. He undresses until he only wears his pink shirt. Then he shags her. A few minutes later Carlo unties her hands. She blows him. He licks her buttocks and fucks her from behind, cowgirl style, doggie style and missionary style. At last he shoots his spunk into her face.

Scene 3 - Tiffany is reading a book and making notes in an exercise book. She is wearing a shirt, a tie, a short skirt, white stockings and the same straw hat as in Scene 2. She closes the book and exercise book, produces a mirror, takes off her hat and makes up. She removes her shirt and her tie and puts on a basque. Next she removes her skirt and puts on a pair of high-heeled shoes. She takes a book called 'SEX' and a vibrator out of a drawer and starts leafing through the book. Tiff caresses her breasts with the vibrator (for just a moment we see the cameraman's hand pushing her hair aside). She puts the book away, spreads her legs and caresses her crotch with the vibrator. Then she sits down upon her bed and removes her stockings. She lies down and rubs her crotch with the vibrator. Suddenly her knickers have gone and she uses the vibrator on her pussy.

Scene 4 - Through the marquisette behind a window we see Tiffany and Carlo talking, drinking white wine and smoking cigarettes. The camera seems to enter the room through a garden door left ajar. Tiff is wearing a black top and black jeans. They start to cuddle. Carlo carries her to a bed, unties her top and licks her tits. He removes her jeans, takes her on his lap and feels her buttocks. He stretches her anus with his fingers. Tiff bends forward and Carlo licks and fingers her anus. Suddenly he is undressed and she gives him a blowjob. According to the Amanda Charles website we now witness Tiff's anal defloration. She is being fucked in her arse in several positions and at times she looks like it really hurts a lot. By way of change she is also fucked in her pussy (cowgirl style) and Carlo licks her breasts extensively. Somewhere along the way she loses her top. At last he squirts his sperm on her buttocks and her pussy.

In the DVD version some minor cuts have been made. The most notable is the disappearance of the shot in Scene 3 where the cameraman pushes her hair aside.

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