< The Triple X Files Volume 1 (The Memories of Charles Fortisque)

Released: 1996
Notes and Reviews

This and volume 2 were evidently made together and the cast lists are unreliable between the two films, apart from the problem of aliases.

Charles Fortisque (Tim) reminisces on a long and sex-filled life.

  • A field hospital in the trenches 1915, Laura Turner and Kerry Dickerson are nurses. Sex scene between girls and male patients.
  • Fetish leather scene one man and four women, one of whom is Melanie Rowen according to Your Scene.
  • In an Indian hotel, Charles coaxes the maid (Michelle Wright) to attend a meeting with a guru. Another female gets involved, blonde, thin faced, older (Karen [5]).

Initial credits list Tiffany Walker (who is in the second but not the first), Lienette Neale (if Georgette, in the second, but not the first), Laura Turner, Meliane Rowen, Mandy, Marina Davis, Suzie News.

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