< The Triple X Files Volume 2 (The Memories of Charles Fortisque)

Released: 1996
Notes and Reviews

Initial credits list Poppy Cat, Meliane Davis, Mo Scotland, Georgette Neale, Lara Moon, Marina Roberts.

  • Scene in an Egyptian tomb with three women and Charles Fortune - Georgette Neale, Tiffany Walker (oral only here) and someone who looks very much like Shuree Bengal
  • Charles gives a lecture on his Egyptian researches at a girls school using a figurine he found in the tomb. The three girls in the class are Laura Turner, Melanie Rowen and Mandy. These get turned on and have sex with each other and with him. Meanwhile Tiffany Walker is outside smoking and is caught by a male teacher. She gives him a blow job and fucks him
  • Madame Xavier (Susan New) advises Charles and a brunette (Mandy) on the powers of the figurine. This ends in another threesome
  • Charles comes across Georgette Neale, a whore in an alley

The view of Middle_Aged_Dutchman:

Each scene is preceded by a short entr'acte, showing Charles in his study, looking back upon his life. Apart from the entr'actes there is little dialogue in this film. Mostly there is a sort of orgiastic New Age music in the background.

Scene 1 - Charles forces his way into a pyramid. In the treasure chamber he finds a magic statuette. When he takes it in his hands, three Egyptian women appear (Shuree Bengal, Georgette Neale and Tiffany Walker). The statuette proves to arouse the erotic appetite of those who touch it. Soon the girls are playing with each other. After a while Charles takes part too. He fucks Shuree and Georgette and gets sucked off by Shuree and Tiffany. He comes in Tiffany's mouth. Suddenly the girls have disappeared. Charles, just as suddenly in his clothes again, sneaks off with the statuette.

Scene 2 - Charles lectures on the magic powers of the statuette before an audience of three schoolgirls (Laura Turner, Mandy and Melanie Rowen). When the girls touch the statuette, they get horny and start playing with each other. Their teacher gets involved too. He fucks Melanie and Mandy (in her ass). Laura gets fisted by one of the other girls. Charles comes in Laura's mouth. Meanwhile in short flashes you see what's happening outside. There schoolgirl Tiffany Walker gets caught smoking by a teacher. She buys off a punishment by blowing and fucking him. She sucks her thumb when coming (same trick as in 'Little Big Girls'). She performs a hand job on her teacher and swallows his sperm. They kiss each other goodbye. The scene ends with a nasty laugh by the statuette.

Scene 3 - Charles discusses the statuette and its powers with a male and a female scholar (Mandy). They start a séance with the statuette and a girl in white (Susan New) appears. Charles fucks her; the other scholar fucks Mandy. After a short lesbian scene they change partners (anal scene with Charles and Mandy) and then change partners again. Both men come. The girl in white floats away. We see her face changing into a skull before she disappears.

Scene 4 - Charles is drifting through London at night and meets a streetgirl (Georgette Neale). She seduces him and they pass through a whole range of sexual acts (licking her pussy, blow job, fucking doggy style, fucking cowgirl style, anal penetration). At last he squirts his sperm into her face. There is no background music in this scene, but the customary porn movie groaning instead. The scene (and the film) ends with Charles's hysterical laughter.

The producers of this film have taken many pains to make something more than just a porn movie. They wanted their film to be aesthetically satisfying. They succeeded. The film is certainly pleasant to look at. But as a Tiffany fan I would have liked to see more of her. Her part in Scene 2 is much too fragmented.

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