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Released: 1994
Director: Patrick Collins
Alternate Titles
  • Family Fantasy 2000 DVD available Elegant Angel
Notes and Reviews

DVD available as Family Fantasy, 2001

Female cast Danyell Cheeks, Jasper, Yvonne, Angelica (Melanie Rowen), Nickyteen (Nici Sterling).

Danyell Cheeks thinks she is the daughter of Joey Silvera (though she isn't) and lives with him, his wife (Yvonne) and her daughter (Joey's step-daughter) Jasper. Yvonne and Mark Davis make lingerie and are having an affair. Joey is in love (lust) with Danyell but is seduced by Jasper. Danyell seduces Mark to the extent of teasing him with a partial blow job and then leaving him high and dry. There are m/f scenes between Jasper and Joey and Yvonne and Mark, a lesbian scene between Danyell and Yvonne. Danyell flies to London to take the latest line in lingerie to Mario (never seen). Joey hires a prostitute to have sex with in place of Danyell - this is Melanie Rowen and the scene includes anal (a mysterious female in clown mask watches and sucks an anonymous cock). Danyell phones her 'father' to ask him to join her in London but he goes off to Brazil with Jasper. Danyell arrives at Mario's house to find step-brother and sister (Nici Sterling, the sister of Mark Davis). It turns out that both Danyell and Nici are married to Mario; so they have a threesome to get revenge on him. The scene includes anal for Danyell. All this explains the title. Not a bad film for Patrick Collins whose Sodomania series is over-rated.

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