< Triangle of Lust

Released: 1970s
Director: John Lindsay
Notes: loop, Taboo, A Karl Ordinez Production, 9½ mins.
Notes and Reviews

Some sources list Triangle of Lust as one of the titles in which Mary Millington appears. If so there must be another with the same title, as she is not in this one. Hence the '(II)'.

A brunette (possibly a wig, NK0568) is having a bath while a blonde (NK0569), dressed in green blouse and panties, is brushing her hair in front of a mirror. A bloke is lying on the bed in the bedroom reading a porn mag. The blonde goes into the bedroom and stands, legs apart, above the man, distracting him from his magazine by holding her pussy open over his face. He then pulls her down to sit on his face and he licks her pussy. Meanwhile the brunette is soaping and fondling herself in the bath. Back in the bedroom, the blonde has gone on to giving the bloke a blowjob and to fucking him in the reverse cowgirl position. They then change to a spoon position as the brunette dries herself off. The couple go on to missionary with her legs on his shoulders and then to reverse cowgirl again, this time facing the camera, as the brunette gets dressed. She then joins the couple on the bed, kissing the blonde, climbing on top of them both, fondling the man's balls and taking his cock out of her friend and sucking it. They then swap around and the man goes down on the brunette while the blonde gives him a blowjob. The brunette then gets fucked in the spoon position before the blonde wanks off the bloke over the brunette's belly.

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