< Truth or Dare

Released: 1980
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Lynsay Honey (Title spelling)
  • Ian McIntyre

Opens with Paula in housecoat and black stockings. She talks about a school playground game "Truth or Dare". She goes to a flat, sees pin ups on the bedroom wall. Enter Lynsay, they have sex. They leave flat, she's only wearing long coat & naked underneath except for black stockings. They get in the car and drive to the woods. He throws her out. She goes to a house, Maxine Miller is washing up. Paula enters and spins a yarn about being stripped & left in woods. There is a short and pathetic lesbian scene, then "Bob" enters and all three have sex.

There is the usual bad editing and waste of talent, and they even run credits over last thrusts and cum shot! This is typical Videx - no style, close ups in wrong places. This film makes Lady Victoria's Training look like a Classic.

Notes by Stickman

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