< Tower of Perversities

Notes and Reviews
  • Scene with anonymous German couple on bed, joined by moustachioed German who is the link to the British action
  • Shows the tower which has featured in Omar films and a Rolls with UK plates outside a mansion. Inside a British man (very bad actor) has invited two German men he has met while on holiday to a sex party at this home. Supposedly Nicky Pearce (a welcome comeback) is his wife and their daughter is Kelly Ann. Jaime Leigh and a Jamaican girl are also present. There is intercutting of sex scenes
  • Moustachioed German and Jamaican. He leaves and the other German continues
  • Brit male and Jaime
  • Kelly Ann in jacuzzi with Nicky, some groping, moustachioed German joins them and Nicky invites him to have sex with her 'daughter', includes anal and facial
  • Nicky goes off in search of the other German who she drags off to the dungeon. A bit of mild bondage and a sex scene follows including facial
  • The moustachioed German and the Jamaican are together when Laura Turner and Chris News arrive and have sex on the table, ends with usual Laura facial

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