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Released: 1998
Notes: Seventeen
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from Dag, an Italian fan of Naomi St James:

  • Naomi St James under the name Rachel - full sex, blowjob, takes 3 fingers in the ass and anal sex.

Middle_Aged_Dutchman's view:

(The division into scenes that I have made, is arbitrary. Other divisions are possible too.)

There is something like a plot.

The first protagonist is Horny Harry, the producer of the 'Excuse Me' series. In those films he picks up girls from the street, takes them along to his hotel room, talks them out of their clothes and films them while masturbating and/or playing with a vibrator. Sometimes he has sex with them. In some porn forums on the internet you will find interesting discussions whether these scenes are spontaneous or directed.

The second protagonist is Wally Richter, a German girl, who was one of Harry's 'victims' in 'Excuse Me, Vol. 1'. She has starred in a few more Seventeen productions afterwards. Two of them ('Wally's Tagebuch (Wally's Diary) 1 & 2') feature only her and her boyfriend.

The plot wants you to believe that Harry has got lost in the fictitious Teen Town, peopled by horny teenage girls and lucky men. For some reason or other Wally is looking for him, carrying a camera. She is filming what she encounters in her quest. (She is one of the people in this film, who keep their clothes on. Quite unlike her other films.)

This is all you need to know (or perhaps even too much). The further entanglements of the plot are of the category 'How could an audience both be clever enough to understand the story, and stupid enough to be interested by it when they did' (Harley Granville-Barker's comment on a play by Wycherley).

Scene 1 - Short flashes of masturbating girls, taken from the Excuse Me series.

Scene 2 - Shoots of an erotic dance party.

Scene 3 - Prick without body sliding through a meadow. A girl with short black hair and a red cap pees on it. Lesbian scene between this girl and a blonde with a yellow cap. Meanwhile a pony licks the prick for a moment. The girls notice they are being filmed (although it is not clear by whom) and take to their heels.

During the first three scenes frenzied commentary by Harry, who sounds like he is covering a soccer match. He is never on screen.

Scene 4 - In her quest for Harry, Wally enters a leatherware shop. She speaks German, but an English translation is being displayed in a balloon. She films a brunette (Naomi St James) with a Seventeen headband and (initially also) a Seventeen t-shirt. A boy is eating her pussy. Then he puts three fingers into her anus and fucks her anally (cowgirl and doggy style). He comes in her mouth.

Scene 5 - Wally meets a voyeur. He takes her to the eastern part of the town, where he thinks Harry must be. They have a peep at a bearded man, who is being blown by a blonde and a brunette and fucks the blonde. Wally and her companion leave the scene before he comes.

Scene 6 - Wally gets an idea where to look and leaves the voyeur at the windows of a house, where something interesting is happening: a girl with long black hair is blowing a man and being shagged by him in four positions. He squirts cum into her face.

Scene 7 - Wally sneaks into a house through the back door. Inside are wooden wheels turning around. She discovers Tiffany Walker (called Jane in this film) in white socks and a black Seventeen top, playing with a vibrator. When Tiff has come, she pees into a pot.

Scene 8 - Elsewhere in the house a man with a ponytail undresses a dark blonde girl with a Seventeen headband. He offers her a dildo. She plays with it; after some time he takes away the dildo and hands her a vibrator. She goes on playing. Meanwhile a black-haired girl in a body stocking without crotch satisfies herself with a dildo in her ass (Wally wants us to believe she is in the same room). She bares one of her breasts and shows a pierced nipple.

Scene 9 - Wally descends a ladder (a scene recommended to lovers of tight shorts) and discovers the wooden wheels are a printing press. Here money is being printed. (It is a well-known fact that you can leave the process of printing banknotes unattended and unguarded). She climbs another ladder and films two girls with a Seventeen headband, one with black, the other with blonde, curly hair. The blonde shaves the other girl's pussy and sprinkles it with oil. She fists her girlfriend.

Scene 10 - Wally leaves the house and visits a certain Kirsty, a blonde lying on a bed, playing with her nipples and her pussy. Wally tells us Kirsty asked her to lick her pussy, but she prefers to continue her quest for Harry. She disappears from the film.

Scene 11 - Two girls, fully dressed and filmed from behind, run through a wood. They turn around and wave. The bodiless prick (obviously supposed to be Harry) comes on the screen again and squirts a drop of sperm against a signpost.

Scene 12 - A black-haired girl with a headband lowers her knickers and pees in the wood. When she pulls her knickers up again, she is surprised by a man. They cuddle. Then they lie down on a picnic sheet and she gives him a blowjob. They fuck, cowgirl and doggy style. He comes in her mouth.

Scene 13 - The film ends with some chaotic shoots: copulating monkeys; trees; the face of a girl with a nosering; two girls in shorts walking upstairs. Probably a preview of 'Teen Town Vol. 7'.

Most Seventeen videos offer attractive young girls doing interesting things. This video is no exception. In many videos however you have to put up with chaotic editing, the mixing of totally unrelated scenes. Also, most scenes are being recycled; you will find them in at least two videos. In this film the mixing of scenes keeps within bounds. I also do not remember having seen any of the scenes before, but I have to admit I only saw twenty videos of the six hundred or so.

I don't know if Wally ever found Harry; I have only seen nos. 3 and 6 and there are at least 11 videos in the Teen Town series. Is there anyone who wants to know?

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