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Released: 1997
Director: Gabriel Pontello as Gabriela Ponti
Notes: DBM Tornado TR 008
Notes and Reviews

Eva Rossini, Vanessa Sussex (Lisa Stretton), Geraldine (Martin), Laura Lynx (Laura Turner)

All parties are taking exercise or jogging in the park near the Eiffel Tower when they pick each other up. Lots of intercutting between the following:

Eva Rossini and David Perry jogging in the park, snog in the street, enter the apartment through a window and have sex to facial.

Laura Turner and Lisa Stretton are working out in the park when they are joined by Ruud Bilux. Back at an apartment, Lisa and Laura have a brief lesbian session before Ruud joins in. Laura fists Lisa while she sucks Ruud off. Both girls take anal, Laura in several positions, and share the facial.

Geraldine Martin and Roberto Malone meet jogging. Sex back at the apartment, cumshot over tits. She rubs it in her face.

Then in the street Geraldine and Roberto meet David and Eva and they are soon joined by Laura, Lisa and Ruud. They split up into two different groups and go back to different apartments. Geraldine goes off with Eva and Ruud for a threeway in the kitchen. Geraldine mainly just masturbates but shares the facial.

Laura and Lisa go off with David and Roberto. Initially they pair off, then there is swapping of partners and both girls take anal and DPs. They take a facial each and Laura of course makes hers as messy as possible.

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