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Notes: HCC compilation
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Review copy courtesy of Hard Core Café.

An authorised compilation of mostly One-Eyed Jack scenes.

  • Roller-skating in the park, Bob encounters a blonde doing the same. After a bit of horseplay and brief public groping, they return to someone's house and have a long and energetic sex session ending with a cumshot over her body while she lies back with legs at ten to three and frigs herself. This scene has appeared in several places before (as have the others), in a slightly longer version than the 40 minutes here (a beneficial cut), but may not be easily available now and is the blonde's only explicitly shown b/g hard core scene as far as I know. (OEJ DB016)
  • Monica (not listed) and Richard - a five-minute extract - to the facial - from a long scene involving a very good-looking Spanish, but, judging from her English, British-based, brunette and male (OEJ DB001)
  • A ten-minute extract from Girl Power 5 aka Five Girl Party etc. (OEJ DB012), this scene features Serena Spencer (as Amy), Shakina, Bev Cox, Carissa Brown and Red. There is a lot of playing about while the girls make themselves up, then some messing about on the bed while they strip, e.g. they leave four lipstick marks on Shakina's backside. There is some licking, but the scene ends before they really get into business. A useful 'taster' for fans of lesbian scenes.
  • A thirty-minute boy/girl scene between a Portuguese couple, resident at the time in UK. The girl (not listed) is gorgeous and they have sex on a bed, going through the range of positions, with the cumshot over her belly. (Angels XX12)
  • Almost the whole of the video called Babes in the Wood by Angels (OEJ DB003) in which Bob Scott, Shakina and Julie Wright are driven out to the country by Terry. There are lots of lesbian high jinks in the back of the car and then they find a place to park and walk off across a field to a wood where there is an ffm scene, the only b/g scene involving Julie Wright so far discovered. It is mostly Bob and Shakina to start with then Bob fucks Julie while she lies on the branch of a tree. They then move to the ground so that Shakina can get underneath to lick while Bob takes Julie in a standing doggy position. The scene is cut short before the shared facial.
  • Eva Brown strips and plays with herself in the back of the car while she is being driven to meet Omar in a hotel room (OEJ DB015). Omar fucks her all over the hotel suite from bed to bathroom and back to bed again, including anal and a facial up to Omar's usual standard.
  • A shortened version of Beverly Cox's birthday bang with Dean, Bob Scott and Shakina (OEJ DB006) in a hotel room. Bev and Shakina strip and have a bit of lesbian fun on the stairs outside the hotel room and then they have sex with the men inside the room, mostly with their own partners, though Bob cums over Bev's arse.

This video is no good to you if you already have all of the above scenes, but it is a good way to get hold of the longer scenes if you were looking for them and to get a taster of the shortened ones to find out if you want to get hold of them. To be frank some of the original scenes needed a bit of shortening anyway and here the most interesting scenes from the point of view of the Brit girl collector are included at greatest length. The picture quality is very good throughout.

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