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Released: 2001
Director: Jack Remy
Notes: Sin City
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Running time: 91 mins.

Jack Remy is a name you would normally associate with camerawork or head of cinematography, but here he's turned his hand to directing Together Forever, a plot based thriller for Sin City.

Star of the movie, Kristi Myst, is down on her luck, with boyfriend Evan Stone going back to his wife after an argument. Late for work, she gets fired and to top it all, on a visit to her doctor's she finds out she's pregnant. Can things get any worse? Yes, when she rents out a spare room to Ava Vincent.

Calling round at teacher friend Dale's house to tell him her bad news, Kristi catches him giving extra curricula work to one of his students...

Her blonde hair pulled up tight and a (false) pony tail pluming from the top of her head, Zoe is in the kitchen when Evan arrives home. He realises he's made a mistake going off with Kristi and wants to make it up to Zoe. Pulling down her knickers, he fingers her pussy and carries Zoe off to a chair. She sucks at his cock and spreads her legs, waiting to get fucked. The chair shuffles over the floor as Evan pounds her. Zoe swaps places to ride Evan reverse, then bends forward to be banged from behind. He shoots his load over her tits. She's missed him so much.

With new room mate Ava settled into the house, things appear great. Kristi even gets involved in some girl/girl action with her lodger. She's not to know what Ava has in store.

Ultra protective of her new landlady, Ava wants revenge on those who have harmed Kristi. Her ex-boss is shot after a torrid sex session and Evan is next on the list. Pity she shared the house with a psychopathic murderess.

As a plot based film, Together Forever is very wordy and doesn't always make sense, although this is made up for to a degree by Jack Remy's expertise with the camera. The sex action is short and run-of-the-mill with little of note in either the boy/girl or girl/girl department. Watchable, but there are better plot based films of the same ilk.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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