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Released: 2002
Director: Jerome Tanner
Notes: Legend
Alternate Titles
  • Jerome Tanner's Tales from the Script
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 75 mins.

Like most of Jerome Tanner's work, Tales from the Script is a carefully-crafted and well-executed plot-based film, but is pitifully short. Hannah Harper gets to share the top billing with Nina Farrari, with Nikita Denise, Sandy Night and Selene del Ray supporting.

Having returned to her parents' mansion on a cold dark night, Nina and Joel Lawrence sit in front of a roaring fire telling each other erotic tales with a twist. Joel starts with the tale of platinum blonde Sandy Night who seduces Brian Surewood before draining his cock of its fluids. The next sordid story involves Nikita Denise, a hotel worker who craves only to have her bum stuffed.

Hannah Harper appears in Joel's third story. In her golden top and black mini skirt she sits on the edge of a water bed. The guy she is with can't wait to get inside her black knickers and is soon finger fucking her. Hannah leans forward, tucking her long blonde hair behind her ear as she fills her mouth with his cock. Her lips slowly work back and forth on his shaft. Hannah's pussy is dripping with excitement as the guy thrusts his cheb into her cunt. She falls back, her body rippling on the water bed. She rolls onto her side and the guy slides his dick into her arse. Ready to cum, he jerks off over her tits. As Hannah rubs it in she turns into an old hag.

Nina has heard enough from Joel. She has a tale to tell about two neighbours, Selene del Ray and Chris Cannon. The pair are hammering away when his wife returns, they come to a sticky end.

All this erotic talk makes Nina and Joel horny. They strip off and start shagging, but the film still has one last twist.

As an erotic ghost story this film works. The boy/girl action in each scene is in keeping with the plot. Nina and Joel deliver their lines well and tie each section nicely together. It is difficult to say who produced the best performance as the whole film is of high standard. My only gripe is the length at only 75 minutes - another 15 or 20 minutes would have been nice. If you can find it cheap enough, it is well worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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