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Director: Omar Williams
Notes: Tabu
Alternate Titles
  • British Glam Suts 2 DVD available USA
Notes and Reviews

DVD, Tabu, 2002

This is the second in the series derived from Omar's TVX series Glamour Sluts. There is no dialogue; so it is immaterial whether you get the European release or the American except for questions of video format, unless ogv, who release the American version, have re-edited it. It seems to be Omar's attempt to produce vignettes in the style of Michael Ninn, but there is too much use of special effects, shots aren't often held for long enough and there is too much use of arty lighting. In Michael Ninn's videos you can see clearly what is going on for significant amounts of time, essential to the viewing experience in porn. Most of the girls would fully justify this clearer view.

  • Laura Hermenson and Tony, anal (doggy and reverse cowgirl), facial. This one is clearly lit, fortunately for Laura's many fans as she looks great.
  • Nevenka and Omar. Nevenka wears a stetson and Omar, straw in mouth, is seduced by the rancher's wife while sweeping out the barn (so I deduce anyway). Facial.
  • Nicky [7] and Tony. Nicky, a brunette, whom I would have liked to see more clearly, is wearing red devil's horns. Facial.
  • Kerry [4], masked at first, and Teresa Daine in lesbian action in a corridor (not a stairway as described on the disc). Too many close-ups. Again the girls are worthy of a clearer view.
  • Jacqui (Ebony), Nordia and Michael. Another poorly-lit scene, wasting the beautiful Jacqui (Chelsea Sinclaire). I'm assuming that this is the same Nordia as already listed. Anyway she doesn't take much part in the b/g action, licking cock for a while. It is only Jacqui who gets fucked and takes the facial.
  • Claire (Kiernan, aka Scotti Andrews) is Tony's Christmas present in another poorly lit scene. Anal (doggy and spoon) before he cums over her ample breasts.

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