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Released: 2002
Notes: Relish XXX
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Review Copy courtesy of Relish / Tongue in Cheek

Majella Shepard and Aaron Bawn play rich and randy couple, Martin and Martha Muck, living in a posh mansion. They have it away with servants and friends at every opportunity.

First Majella discovers Fanny Fling, the maid (Sara-Jane), doing the beds (and herself) then Aaron walks in on a g/g session in full swing. He immediately joins in and has them both.

Sophie Muck (Sadie Leech) and Tamara Trollop (Angel-Long) then arrive to visit and freshen up together in the bath. When Majella walks in on them and takes Angel's place, the latter wanders off, having put on some very sexy thigh boots, and finds Aaron - reading, but not for long.

Finally another posh couple Sarah (Ashley Long) and Simon Stiff join Martin and Martha for a dinner party which becomes a swapping foursome ending in facials.

Another welcome piece of non-gonzo and a welcome appearance of Majella, not only one of the sexiest, but also one of the best actresses in British porn, now sadly retired from that business. Fans of the other girls will not be disappointed either and we'd like to see more of Sara-Jane.

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