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After some previews, Tiffany Walker, cuddling a teddy bear, tells us we are going to watch some naughty things.

Part I: Garden Party

Tiffany is sitting in a garden, next to the French windows of a country house, with two other girls, one black-haired, the other blonde. They are being spied on by some men, concealed in several places. The girls undress, lick each other's breasts and feel each other's cunts. They start eating each other's pussy. One of the men is wanking.

The girls enter the house and go on eating pussies on a table inside. The action moves to a sofa. The black-haired girl fucks Tiffany with a dildo. The blonde puts on a strap-on dildo and rubs cream into the black-haired girl's groin. The men have stolen inside and watch the girls closely. The blonde fucks the black-haired girl, in her pussy and her arse, while the black-haired girl still fucks Tiffany.

The girls try another game. Tiffany is wiggling on the strap-on dildo, while the black-haired girl eats the blonde's pussy and masturbates with the dildo.

The girls go outdoors again, just to pick up a man who is still outside the house. When he is inside, they undress him. The blonde blows him and permits him to eat her pussy. Tiffany plays with the strap-on dildo the black-haired girl is now wearing. She fucks Tiffany again.

The blonde is being shagged cowgirl style. The other girls join her. Tiffany starts cuddling her, while the man fingers the black-haired girl.

There is a change of partners. The blonde eats Tiffany's pussy until Tiff comes. The girls exchange French kisses in between. The man eats the black-haired girl's pussy, then fucks her and squirts his sperm on her buttocks.

End of the scene: Tiffany and the black-haired girl are dancing alongside a car, wearing leather dresses. Tiff is smoking a cigarette.

Interlude - A few shots of the same girls. Probably these shots did not fit in the story, but were too good to be thrown away:

  • Tiffany naked in the kitchen, showing her tongue. She sits down with a glass of wine upon a toilet.
  • The three girls cuddling upon a couch.
  • Alternative take of the scene where the girls pick up the man standing outside and the ensuing sex scene.
  • The blonde (Claire, unlisted) is standing in the garden and pees. Afterwards she is peeing again, together with the black-haired girl, but the girls lean too much on each other and tumble down.
  • Tiffany is dancing naked in the kitchen, in the midst of the men. One of them persuades her to pee on a toilet close by.
  • The black-haired girl (Melissa, unlisted) is blowing a man in the garden. Tiffany films the scene, dancing naked.

Part II: To the Woods

This scene seems to be shot by a hidden camera from behind a tree. Tiffany is straying through a wood, seemingly unaware that the camera is spying on her. In a clearing she lays down a travelling rug. She is wearing trousers, a jumper and a blue kerchief in her hair (somewhat like a gypsy girl). She removes her trousers and her jumper and pulls some other clothes out of her bag. But before putting them on she lights a cigarette, sitting on the rug in her bra and knickers. When she has finished her cigarette, she puts on a short black skirt. She takes off her bra and puts on a blue waistcoat, which she leaves unbuttoned.

Continually looking around her to see if nobody is watching her, she lowers her knickers and takes a piss. She puts on her knickers again, then removes them altogether. She lies down upon the rug and fingers herself. Sometimes she gets up and walks around. When she thinks someone is approaching, she buttons up her waistcoat. But the only one approaching is a white horse, which keeps grazing peacefully in the background.

Finally she comes while leaning against a tree with her legs wide apart. She comes again sitting on the rug on one arm and two legs. I don't have to tell you what she is doing with her other arm.

Suddenly she rushes at the cameraman. 'You dirty ...' The screen turns black.

One of her loveliest scenes, in my opinion.

Part III: Office Blues

Tiffany is typing behind a computer, in a white shirt, a pencil skirt and nylons. She makes a call with a mobile phone. Then she puts on a somewhat tart pair of glasses. She lies down upon a couch and starts undressing. A cat is walking through her room; it's her tomcat Luther. On the back of her couch another old acquaintance is lying: the plush lion who is always part of the background during her webcam shows.

Having unbuttoned her shirt and removed her bra she starts masturbating with a felt-tip. The glasses are taken off again. After some masturbating her skirt and knickers are removed too. Now she is fingering.

The scene ends with Tiffany clasping the felt-tip with her pussy and writing on a pad: 'Lots of love. Tiff XXX'

Part IV: Wet Dream

Tiffany wakes up and gets out of her bed. She is wearing a nightgown and no knickers. Drowsily she totters to the shower cabinet. (In case you doubted: she really is a good actress!) She takes a shower without removing her nightgown. When she wants to rub herself with gel, she simply lifts her gown. She squats down and grasps a vibrator. A few moments later she stands up and stimulates her pussy with the vibrator and the showerhead simultaneously. She hangs the showerhead again and goes on with the vibrator, once interrupting the job for a piss.

Only when she has finished showering (and vibrating) she takes off her nightgown. She steps out of the cabinet and dries herself off with a big bath towel.

Epilogue - To end up the vid we get:

  • Some short scenes that did not make it into 'Office Blues'.
  • A beautiful shot of Luther.
  • Tiffany rehearsing the sentence: 'These are sexy videos to show you all the naughty things I've been up to.'

Review by Middle_Aged_Dutchman

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