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(running time - 31 mins)

we begin with teresa and wendy-jayne sprawled across a bed, drinks in hand, gabbing about the sort of stuff that horny girls gab about. a minute or so into the conversation, wendy-jayne feels the urge to rummage in her handbag and whip out her favourite dildo (haven't we all!). tess immediately aces her friend's dildo by producing an impressive looking strap-on of her own! with the ice well and truly broken, teresa sets about introducing buxom, bubbly, wendy-jayne to the delights of guy-free sex...

things commence with a brief bout of dildolatry - the girls using their toys solo style, rather than on each other. however, it's not long before tess climbs on board the strap-on express, making sure that wendy-jayne well and truly gets her ticket punched from behind (trans. teresa fucks wendy-jayne doggy-style). both ladies seem very much into their respective roles of taker and takee, with wendy-jayne getting wet enough for both of them. indeed, she seems to have a genuine orgasm, which is not to be taken for granted.

after several minutes, the girls return to their dual solo routine, watching each other as they dildo themselves. it's not long before tess has worked up an appetite and, in the absence of any wagon wheels, she sensibly decides to snack on wendy-jayne's very edible looking pussy. we get some nice close ups of teresa licking away until, finally, as happens to many of us after a good meal, it's time for a nap. and so to fade-out...

Review by woodgnome

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