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Released: 2002
Director: Mark Wood
Notes: Visual Images / Legend
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The teens allegedly going wild here are Trinity, Tabitha Bleu, Allison Wyte, April May and mythical Brit Rose Petal. Five one on one scenes with Mark Wood and a much older male emphasise the youth of the female talent.

First up with producer Mark Wood is Rose Petal who says she is 19 and at university, her youth emphasised with a mouth full of metalwork. Rose, reclining on a black leather and chrome Corbusier LC4 couch (the style that features in so many porn films), wears a magenta boob tube and a short wrap skirt. Mark enters and Rose slides her hand up his safari shorts grabbing his cock. Mark continues to stand and have his cock sucked before the couple undress completely, Mark sits on the couch and Rose swings her legs over his body and sinks onto his cock. A decent reverse cowgirl, missionary and some athletic variation on doggystyle follow, all on the couch. Mark then stands and lifts Rose's beautifully slim body onto his cock both ways, affording excellent low level shots of her pussy being penetrated. But that's about as wild as it gets - pretty wild if Rose was fucking a fellow student in the uni dorm, but not by US porn standards.

All the girls have a nice neat white middle-class look that says this is not the kind of thing you would expect them to do, and Allison allows Mark to fuck her up the bum. Curiously watchable, with all the usual extras and some extra behind the scenes footage

Review by Bayleaf
April 2006

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