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Released: 2003
Director: Michael Stefano
Notes and Reviews

The format of this series is familiar. An interview with director Michael Stefano (behind the camera) before he appears, to give his new recruits a good shagging.

Eliza appears in the third scene sitting with Brandon Iron in a garden. She says she's 18 revealing her actual birthday, she's been in the US a week and did her first b/g scene the day before. Eliza sucks both guy's cocks before the action moves swiftly inside where she is down to her black undies on a sofa, sitting between Brandon and Michael with a hand on each guy's cock. From then on it's end to end action with Eliza's favours shared between both guys equally. The scene ends without anal and no swallowing of the messy double facial, both of which Eliza said she didn't do.

All the other performers are American and claim to be either 18 or 19. For the record these are Cherry & Malaysia, Kitty, Simone and sweet covergirl Ann Harlow. All are obviously young and the action is consistently strong, although some performers, such as Kitty, have done dozens of videos already. The scene with Kitty, a very petite Asian girl, is worthy of mention as she takes a huge cock in her mouth and pussy. Its sheer size is revealed in a comedy moment as the stud stands behind her with his cock between her legs and protruding at the front giving Kitty the illusion of a member that most male viewers would be happy to own.

Review by Bayleaf

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