< Tanya Hyde's World Without Men R18 DVD available

Released: 2003
Director: Tanya Hide
Alternate Titles
  • Fetish Paradise 3 DVD available Sweet Pictures
  • Tanya Hyde's World of Kink TV title
Notes and Reviews

In a film that could be subtitled World Without Knickers, some very attractive Brit girls do unspeakably dirty things to their own and their friend's pussies, often while tying each other up. Imaginatively photographed, the four scenes include all kinds of kinkiness, too much to describe in detail here. Some of the lighting gets frustratingly dark and some of the girls make frustratingly short appearances, but overall it's a fine girl-girl kinky movie that stands muster with anything produced in Europe or the US. My one complaint is the authoring which has too many chapters which, without a scenes menu, means clicking dozens of times to reach the third or fourth scenes.

Chaos at the Clit Clinic

Dawn Slater appears amongst the quasi medical kit in a white clinical jacket and crotchless fishnet tights. After Dawn dildos herself with a massive flexible red tool Rebecca Smyth brings in Jo May in a black rubber body bag. The girls examine Jo's interesting bits though zips in the bag then release her and introduce Jane Whitehouse. She and Jo 69 on the table. Meanwhile Rebecca puts her legs in stirrups so that Dawn can fuck her with a dildo. Dawn herself tries out the mechanical dildo machine with a doggy fuck before Jo May, now naked, has an extended session herself.

Dungeons, Dykes and Dildos

Mistress Rachel Sykes releases Vicky Valentine from her dungeon cage only to tie her to a revolving wheel and stick a dildo up her pussy. Vicky, wearing crotchless trousers, is naked from the waist up, Rachel from the waist down (even her bra is just a few black straps). Rachel gives Vicky a few spins on the wheel then releases Georgette Neale from a cupboard. Rachel fucks Georgette with a strap-on then Georgette fucks both Vicky and Rachel with the same tool.

Sticky Slits and High Heels

Nobody looks better in fetish gear than Morrigan_Hel. Here her black latticework outfit leaves nothing to the imagination as her crotch and boobs are naked. She is disturbed while wanking herself by the arrival of Louise Levall (in short black rubber dress with her bum hanging out). Louise's dress is removed and she finds herself tied up wearing just stockings and suspenders. Morrigan uses her tongue and a dildo on Louise's pussy before her maid, Lindsey (rubber maid's outfit, no knickers) enters. Louise and Lindsey enjoy the full-length of a double-ender on the floor then Morrigan fucks Lindsey with a strap-on to finish.

Fur Coats, Fast Cars and Rubber Knickers

Avalon, in rubber chauffeur's outfit, drives Lucy Gresty around. Lucy loosens her fur coat and plays with herself through her crotchless pants before Avalon joins her in the back. In the Beamer's boot the girls find Billie who is restrained in a black rubber straightjacket, stockings and, of course, no knickers. Avalon supervises her treatment, a good and noisy dildo-fucking (can anyone tell me what on earth the device is called that is a dildo on a rod with a T-piece which attaches to the ankles so the recipient can fuck herself by flexing her knees?). For no apparent reason Lexi appears and briefly dildos Avalon suspended in a hammock.

Top girls shagging each other and then themselves. Quality film.

Review by Bayleaf

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