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Released: 2003
Notes: Evasive-Angles
Alternate Titles
  • Reality Teens Gone Crazy!
Notes and Reviews

Billed as a new genre, porn stud TT Boy's foray into direction is an excellent film. Ten scenes, with 13 young women getting shagged and another ten who flash their bits but don't go home for more action, this is teens gone mad. Each scene starts with an outdoor interview and flashing, in the street and particularly in cars. These introductions feature up to three girls but its generally only one who goes all the way, so there's some fun in trying to pick the one. Most of the girls look as if they're genuinely 18 or 19 and one or two are particularly cute.

Jamie Brooks appears in the fourth scene with two other girls in a car park at the mall. All three girls flash tits and ass from the seats of their SUV. Eventually Jamie leaves with the guys and goes back to the house where she sucks off a well-endowed stud, but he is suddenly replaced by TT himself and sex starts with Jamie still wearing what she had on outside, black top, short skirt, no knickers. The sex, on a couch and the floor, is very hard and both performers work up a real sweat. The scene ends with an internal cum shot, which Jamie manages to squeeze back out.

Tia is in a yellow sports car driven by her younger friend (who's name isn't revealed, a feature of most scenes). The girls actually take off their bikinis in the car and wave them at the camera team in a second car. Both parties drive back to a house where the black dude and the two blondes get naked together. The first blonde bends over and is taken from behind before the trio move to another room with a large Jacuzzi. The girls still opt for the couch and some vigourous threeway action follows which continues into anal for Tia's friend only, although Tia is happy to suck cock between anal insertions. The anal concludes with an internal cum shot which dribbles out into Tia's mouth. Throughout the scene the girls maintain intimate contact and kiss each other.

Excellent gonzo pick-up stuff, which manages a spontaneous feel despite the introductions being carefully set up. A fact underlined in the extras section, which shows some girls reading their contracts and, in the case of Tia's scene, deciding what they are going to wear in the pick-up scene itself. I hope more Brits will feature in future films. Good Stuff.

Review by Bayleaf

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