< Der Teenie Scherz aus London

Notes and Reviews
  • A young German man has visited London and reminisces about what went on. This begins with him taking part on stage in what appears to be a genuine stag show as it has a large audience. Natasha Grove, Geraldine Martin, a brunette (Tracy Jacklyn) and Anja are on stage. The German male is mainly involved in oiling Anja's breast. It would have been a much better video if it had shown the stag show rather than what it did show.
  • Backstage he has sex with Anja.
  • Two British brunettes (Tracy Jacklyn and NK0036) and two men in a dining room, old fashioned decor.
  • Fat woman in late middle age (German) and two men.
  • Brunette (NK0036) with Bob Scott in bathroom.
  • Tracy Jacklyn with man in garden.
  • Danielle Mannaken in lez scene with middle-aged woman from above.
  • In germany - brunette in grey wig and two waiters in restaurant.

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