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Released: 2004 (2006 DVD)
Director: Anna Span
Notes: Easy on the Eye
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Running time: 121 mins.

Anna Span has just released Take This Down (originally shot in 2004) in DVD format. The film is her standard five self-contained vignettes where the build up and story are as important as the sex. In less experienced hands five girl-on-girl scenes could be a little repetitive, but Anna works her magic and gets something different each time.

Before You Go To Work
Karen returns from work full of hell. Her shifts have been changed and she is going to have to work nights. Her mood worsens when Karina comes out of the bedroom dresed to go out in her short black skirt and stockings. To console herself she needs to eat pussy, Karina's pussy. Pulling down her red knickers, she laps at her damp cunt, Karina moans as Karen runs her fingers between her pussy lips. As she lies on the floor, the fanny fluid flows as Karen slips in her fingers. Then a toy is popped deep into Karina's moist hole. She gasps and her toes curl as she climaxes. Karen pulls off her pale blue polo shirt and drops her knickers. Balancing on the edge of the sofa, she opens her legs for Karina to lick. Her tongue flicks and dances over Karen's clit and cunt and Karen tugs at the cover as she is finger fucked. Rubbing hard on her pussy, Karen cums.

Staff Appraisal
Working behind the bar, Robyn is due a chat with her manager to see how she is getting on. Kym is pleased with what she has done so far, but there are still a few areas that need brushing up on. Kym has some brushing up she wants to do as well and her hands gently caress Robyn's breasts. She wants to see her underwear; so Robyn peels off her tight black jumper and skirt, Kym undoes her bra and her hand slips between her legs. The two move to the seats and Robyn lies, her legs apart, as Kym buries her face in her fanny - all part of the appraisal. Kym disappears, returning from the kitchen with a carrot. Time to give Robyn's cunt a dose of vitamin C. She cums on the vegetable. Robyn kneels while Kym steps out of her suit. Pulling her panties to one side she sucks on the smoothly shaven snatch. Second helpings of carrot follow, Kym taking it deep in her fanny as Robyn licks and fingers her clit. She orgasms - a good interview over.

Sitting in the dressing room in her red gown, Starr is putting on her make-up ready to perform. New dresser Vicky enters to sort out her clothes. Starr pops out for a moment and Vicky tries on one of her costumes. Returning, Starr wants to know what's going on and orders Vicky to take off her stuff. Perching on the dressing table, Starr opens her gown and tells Vicky that if she wants to perform she can start on her pussy. The slim, big-boobed blonde bends and munches at the minge. Her tongue work makes Starr sigh with pleasure. Vicky now gets the chance to feel an expert at work. As she leans on the back of a chair, Starr's long tongue works its way between Vicky's lips. She gently rocks, making her tits sway. Taking a vibrator from the table, Starr inserts it into Vicky's pussy and the shaft of the toy shines with juices. Moving further over Vicky, Starr's tits gently run on her back as she wanks her to a climax.

What's it Worth
On a snowy day, Sarah is showing Anabel a flat. The location is good and it's the sort of thing she wants, but the price is too high. Anabel starts to haggle. The two slip off their coats and sit on the settee. Anabel admires Sarah's black blouse and as the two kiss she unbuttons it. Still wearing her black leather gloves she squeezes her nipples. Anabel's gloved hand slides down and fondles Sarah's fanny. She wants to see more. Sarah slowly strips out of her patterned teddy and knickers. Then, sitting on a cane chair, she pulls at her pussy. Lifting her stocking-clad legs, Sarah inserts one then two fingers into her pussy. Anabel watches and rubs her body. She rummages in her bag and passes Sarah a toy. She holds it against her tits before plunging it into her pussy. Removing her red top, Anabel gets Sarah to suck her big tits, then, yanking down her trousers and jeans, holds her head against her fanny. She laps at her clit as a big black dildo is worked into her pussy. With her eyes half closed, Anabel screams with pleasure.

Temporary Boss
Vicky Powell turns up at work to find new manager Georgina at her desk. She's not very happy that she doesn't appear to know what she is doing, but her fussing about after Vicky makes things worse. Georgina says she'll help in any way, so Vicky takes her tits out and tells her to suck - at least she can do one thing. Removing her knickers, Vicky sits with one foot on the desk and tells her new boss to lick her cunt until she cums. Georgina's tongue goes straight to her clit and she sucks and slurps at Vicky's pussy. The tables are truly turned. Vicky orders Georgina to strip and lie on the desk. She takes a dildo out of the drawer and jams it between her legs. Pulling at her tits, the wanking becomes move vigorous. Georgina pleads with Vicky to make her cum and her legs tremble. Vicky thinks she may like her new boss.

As with other Anna Span films you know you are going to get decent, nicely shot, performances and whilst Take This Down may not be her best work it's still pretty good. I only have one slight complaint - the sound in scene three is slightly out of synch, but you can live with that. Another Anna Span film to add to your collection.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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