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Released: 2005
Director: Scott Phillips & John Howard
Notes: Evil Angel
Alternate Titles
  • Buttman Comics.... Tales From The Crack
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 128 mins.

Alicia and Roxy are in a strange world where characters from biker Belladonna's cartoon strip spring into life as she shows them to some guys in a seedy bar. There is the female vampire who lives by sucking cunts, her evil reign brought to an end when a guy pierced her arse with his pork steak, and a biker chick who would take on anyone on the pool table.

Alicia Rhodes is a PVC-clad nurse in scene two, teasing her tits before she goes on duty. Her first patient has something wrong with her arse so Alicia takes her into the treatment room to examine the problem. Nurse Knight assists with the latex gloves and by holding the patient's bum open while Alicia probes about. The doctor enters. He has an idea and gets the girls to stick a tool in the bum. He'll then fuck her throat and force the object out. A couple of thrusts and the nurses find themselves holding a 16 inch double ended dildo - problem cured. Alicia get the doctor to try his treatment on her. She stops swallowing when she reaches his balls. The nurses share the double ended tool. Then Alicia climbs onto the examination table, stretching her pussy wide open with a speculum. Turning over she forces four fingers up her arse and gets the doctor to plug her gaping hole. The doctor cums over the three girls faces and the scene ends in a spunky kiss.

Cowgirl Roxy is riding the range in her tight denim shorts accompanied by Tiffany Mynx in scene 4. The girls round up four head of nude men and tie them up ready for training. The guys lie on the ground while the two rub their pussies in their faces and slap their cocks. Tethered to the horses, the four are led back to the ranch for closer inspection. Roxy and Tiffany like the look of Brandon Iron and drag him into the barn for some more work. The two gag and gargle as they slip his cock past their tonsils, Roxy wrapping her legs round his head and holding his face hard against her fanny while she squeezes and fingers her bum. The girls 69, Tiffany munching on Roxy's minge as Brandon shoves his cock up her arse. Tiffany groans through clenched teeth as her arse hole is ravaged. Roxy then impales her bum on Brandon's dick. Finishing off wanking his cock, Brandon floods Tiffany's mouth as he is branded.

All five scenes are well shot with great performances and it's nice to see something other than the "All American Pool, Patio and Villa". The idea of the use of a comic strip at the start and end of each scene was also cleverly done. A film well worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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