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Released: 2004
Director: Jessica Dee
Notes: Platinum X
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Running time: 124 mins.

For her directing debut Jessica Dee has assembled a multinational cast including the Brit Ashley Long for this 11-girl, 10-scene deep throat extravaganza.

Dressed in a black bra, G-string and dog collar, Ashley appears in scene 3. Blindfolded by a feather boa, she takes the title of the film too literally being spoon feed with the creamy dairy product. With half a pot in her mouth she slides in a cock and the yoghurt oozes down the shaft and drips off the balls onto her tits where it is massaged into her nipples. Ashley tongues the white goo off the man's arse and balls before lying on her stomach with her head raised to take the full length down her throat. Gagging and with tears and mascara running down her cheeks, Ashley continues to swallow cock. She moves to the bed with her head hanging over the edge to take more cock in her mouth, this time with balls banging the bridge of her nose. Finally she kneels to lick the dick clean of cream before having her tits showered in spunk.

Whilst the idea of mixing saliva, spunk and yoghurt may be good, I found the excessive face slapping and streaming mascara off-putting. Even poor Ashley ended with "panda" eyes and black smudges on her cheeks. Unless you are into this type of thing give Throat Yoghurt a wide berth.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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