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Released: 2005
Director: Jake Malone
Notes: Platinum X
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Running time: 158 mins.

Though a film shot in America, Jake Malone has turned to Europe for most of the stars for this film. Brits Isabel Ice and McKenzie Lee are joined by Katja Kassin and new US girl Lexxi Ripa in this 2½ hour bum bonking gang bang.

McKenzie starts the film appearing at the bathroom door in a tight green silk dress on the hunt for cock. As she passes the camera she shows a pony tailed butt plug which is rammed up her arse. The first guy is found and she takes his dick deep down her throat before replacing the butt plug with man meat. Putting his prick in her pussy McKenzie is DP'd with the toy being shoved back in her bum. The guy is then sent away. Next McKenzie is seen in a red and transparent dress on the dining room table. Crawling to the end she feasts on guy 2's cock and is then spun round to have her pussy unwrapped from her tight plastic outfit. The guy penetrates and probes away at her pussy and arse then he too is dispatched. Now dressed in a red top and white trousers she meets man 3 at the bottom of the stairs. A quick lick of the dick then it's over the banister to have her bum filled. Climbing to the top of the stairs guy 4 is encountered. McKenzie tickles her tonsils with his manhood, gagging and dribbling over her tits, then splaying her legs apart to be taken in the pussy. The final guy is found in the living room where McKenzie turns up in tight gold shorts. Pulling down her pants the guy sees that McKenzie has inserted two huge love balls up her arse which pop out as he pulls on them. As he is banging away at her bum the other 4 turn up for some 5 on 1 fun. In a good long session the 5 take turns DP'ing McKenzie, with her cleaning their cocks in her mouth and using her hands to wank the remaining two dicks. With her arse now gaping she goes on all fours to be back-filled one at a time, the guys' balls banging hard into her pussy as they hammer away. Finally she wants to taste the outcome of all her hard work and with mouth open all 5 deposit their loads.

Isabel is the star of scene 2. Bathing herself she rubs the soap over her body, paying particular attention to her tits and pussy. Dried and in a flowing red evening dress she is met outside the bathroom by 5 well-hung guys. The dress is off and Isabel takes the cocks deep down her throat, licking the guys' balls as she gags. All 6 then head off to the large sofa in the living room. With a cock in her mouth Isabel wastes no time before the other four fill her arse in turn. She slaps and pulls hard on her clit as the boys pound away. Shouting she wants to be fed cock the guys enter both her love holes, and ram dick deep into her mouth. This still isn't enough for this naughty valleys girl. Isabel wants to be really stretched so two cocks are stuffed into her arse, followed by two in the pussy. The DP continues with a suspended fuck. Isabel is then laid to be pile-driven in her gaping holes. With the chaps ready to fire Isabel wants her bum filled with cream and all 5 shoot their loads up her arse. Crouching over a plate Isabel farts out the white jizz then licks the plate clean.

This is a hot, well shot, no holes barred film with McKenzie and Isabel proving they can be dirty and nasty girls, though in the case of Isabel I think we already knew that. If you are after a story line or romantic erotic sex, Tear Me a New One is not for you, but if it's end-to-end hard anal action you want then add this film to your "must see" list.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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