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Released: 2004
Director: Narcis Bosch
Notes: International Film Group
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Running time: 104 mins.

The Spanish film Toxic is a cross between a 50's B-feature Sci-Fi movie and a surreal Salvador Dali nightmare. On a strangeness scale between 1 and 10 Toxic would score 13. There are sex starved alien rabbits, clowns, wardrobes with willies, girls with bags on their heads giving blow jobs and the mandatory pizza delivery boy, who sounds like Darth Vader. How did Alicia Rhodes get mixed up in such a mad house?

We first see Alicia as a leather-masked nurse who, with two others, is attempting to revive a patient with mouth-to-cock resuscitation. After a lot of licking, their efforts pay off and the three are rewarded by the doctor with a good fucking. Not wanting to miss out, the resurrected patient joins in. Between licking pussy the three girls manage to get both holes stuffed with man meat at the same time. Alicia ends with a mouthful of cum which she shares with the others. They then all blow spunky bubbles.

Returning for the last scene, Alicia is in a white PVC dress. She approaches some rubber-masked men in large clear plastic boxes and gives them each a good cock licking through holes in the front of the boxes. Alicia turns, pushing her bum hard against the box to be taken from behind. She is joined by two more girls who don't like what she is doing and is forced to eat pussy while they dine on dick. Eventually the boys are let out of their boxes and each girl gets taken up the arse. More pussy licking and DPs follow and the guys leave after filling the girls' mouths with cream.

If there is a plot I've failed to find it, I think Narcis Bosch who wrote as well as directed has probably been sitting too long in the sun. The film left me completely mystified.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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