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Released: 2005
Director: Tanya Hyde
Notes: Harmony / Evil Angel
Alternate Titles
  • House of Shame
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 157 mins.

Tanya Hyde, the King of Kink, has collected seven of Britain's best latex ladies and teamed them with stocking clad Jane Darling and Ellena Nik for House of Shame, a 2¾-hour epic on the 'stranger' side of sex.

What the Butler Saw

Mistress Alicia has invited a few of her more perverted friends round for a dinner party. After the main course is served, rubber clad maid Ellena sets off for a pee, pursued by the butler. In the bathroom the butler has his cock and balls licked as he fingers the maid. Returning, the maid stops to mount a riding stool and allows the butler to bugger her. The maid's work is never done - Mistress Alicia gets her to go under the table sucking and licking the guests.

Time for the entertainment. Kiera in a red fishnet all-in-one, dances round the floor stretching her amazing legs and fingering her fantastic fanny. Mistress Alicia climbs onto a wooden horse to be ridden, the Master and the butler providing the man meat. The sight of the Mistress having her arse pummelled sets Kiera off on a cock sucking frenzy, with both girls being sprayed in cum.

The Laboratory

In black and red rubber and wearing ballet boots Countess Donna is wheeled to the Lab where the heavily tattooed and pierced professor and doctor friend are to experiment with her pussy. The elasticity of Countess Donna's lips are checked in the suck test and a large double ended dildo is used to measure the diameter of her vagina and anus, something which she appears to enjoy. Her throat is checked by the doctor's cock probe, as the professor licks and laps between her legs. Countess Donna accepts the professor's pierced and studded member in her mouth with the doctor prodding his prick up her bum.

At the other side of the lab Jane Darling is sitting on the face of a rubber-wrapped man, squirming and wriggling to get his tongue in her cunt. Unzipping the cock from its latex prison Jane straddles the man, sliding up and down on his shaft. Jane is keen to act as a guinea pig in the doctor's DP tests checking her pleasure levels. As they fire their loads over Jane's bum the experiment ends.


Jo May, in red rubber suspenders and stockings, is practising her snooker when black-dressed vamp Morrigan enters. The girls quickly lose interest in balls as they caress each other's bodies. Lying on the table the pair tongue pockets, Morrigan moving to pot the pink with a dildo. Jo's shot sees Morrigan snookered on all fours as her pussy is filled from behind.

After having a pee Morrigan picks a fight with Lady Delilah, three licks and you're out. Losing the bout Lady D is tied to the bed and forced to endure a good hard dildo fuck with a fanny forced in her face. Lady D soon extracts her revenge plundering Morrigan's pussy with a strap-on as she is suspended in a cradle.

The Lesson

In a black rubber dress, Miss Rhodes is to give a lesson in kinky sex to a bunch of reprobates. Freckled Donna in her latex school uniform volunteers as Miss Rhodes demonstrates knicker worship. Donna is joined by Ian her class mate to display pussy licking, with the other students making notes and wanking. Pulling her own bum open Miss Rhodes explores the possibilities of the arse. Ian proves he is attentive by licking Donna's. When it comes to oral, Donna doesn't need much teaching but her doggy style is weak, the bum should be higher. Finally her favourite - anal. Miss Rhodes places Donna's head between her legs as she gets her bum hammered. The girls end in a 69, Ian's cock still up Donna's arse.

McKenzie is caught with her hands down her panties and brought to the front for a spanking. Miss Rhodes wants to make sure McKenzie has been listening to the lesson and drags cross dresser Tony to help. She is very good on the oral and pussy work, but she needs to take it deeper in the arse. Pile driving solves the problem and McKenzie's bum is soon gaping. The final part of the lesson is spunk swallowing. Miss Rhodes shows how it's done, but Donna and McKenzie only manage to get their bums spattered. Take it away for homework.

Abduction Seduction

A candidate for the Hyde party gets more than votes when he calls at the House of Shame. Ellena, in a black basque, entices him in where he is turned into her sex slave. After he licks her pussy and arse she wants his cock to suck on and he obliges. Next it's the turn of her pussy and arse to be filled, but as she is being rogered the house is being robbed. Fortunately rubber suited Jane and Kiera capture the thief and make him pay for his crime. He is tied up and the girls play with his cock. Once he is fully aroused, they torment him, performing acts of latex lesbianism just out of his reach. They then lie him down and abuse his cock with their now moist pussies. The burglar is repentant and released to ream Jane's arse with his prick as she sucks on Kiera. Licking the juices off his shaft and arse Kiera submits to having her own backside filled. The scene ends with a spurt of jizz.

The film uses the tricks and traits you would expect in a Tanya Hyde film, e.g. use of black and white footage and bleached colour to add to the erotic drama. As for the performances, you couldn't fault them; seductive, tempting and very very hot. The DVD also comes with an amazing amount of extras, a whole 20 minute scene which most directors would give their eye teeth to have in their films and a good ½ hour plus behind the scenes. Even if you don't think you are into kinky sex, watch this film. It may change your mind.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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