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Released: 2005
Director: Anna Span
Notes: Easy on the Eye
Alternate Titles
  • Anna Span's Toy With Me
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 116 mins.

Anna Span presents five short films which all feature dildo action, hence the title. There is much less straight fucking in Anna's films with more time spent in scene setting and after the cumshot. Anna also injects some touches of humour that are a pleasant change from the relentless banging of some titles.

Richard James is wanking to a porn film on tv when flatmate Mark Sloan brings Tammy Lee home. They purposefully surprise Richard, who exits, leaving the way clear for Mark to fuck Tammy on the sofa. Tammy strips in front of Mark then he uses a nifty blue vibrator to warm her up before fucking her missionary and doggie and ending with an implied creampie.

Meanwhile Richard has gone to a local bar where Teoni and Kat are barmaids. Richard is not shocked to find the girls have a stash of sex toys behind the bar and they need little persuading to strip to their stockings and use the toys. Richard assists by sticking the vibrators in the girls' pussies and arses until they both climax using a double-ender on the bar. Eventually Richard is rewarded with a joint blowjob ending with facials.

Alone in her flat Susie Tamworth is pleasuring herself on the sofa when she is surprised by Alex, the pest control officer. Susie modestly closes her robe and shows Alex the kitchen to look for mice. Alex boasts a high-tech solution and while he sets traps around the flat (cue comedy business as cheese-laden traps catch his fingers) Susie bollocks some other suppliers on her mobile. Now Susie wants more than pest control and reveals to Alex what's under her robe while demanding he pleasures her with his tongue and her Rabbit. This leads to full sex in doggie, cowgirl and missionary on the sofa and concludes with a cumshot over her tits. After sex, and still naked, Susie ignores Alex and picks up the phone to call the office ...

Susie is an attractive woman in her late twenties who really enjoys the scene judging by her flushed throat and chest at the height of the action.

Karen is having computer problems when Teoni returns from shopping with some fashion bargains. They start to kiss and undress and a lesbian scene follows. There's some good pussy licking and more kissing before Karen stretches Teoni's pussy with a Rabbit while Teoni returns the favour with a plastic dildo. Nice scene with two pretty girls.

Finally Mark Marais, dressed as Santa Claus, visits his (female) agent in search of more challenging work. Cheryl waits in the outer office, dressed as a green pixie. Mark suggest they swap costumes, but as soon as they're both undressed he pulls a toy from his sack to use on Cheryl who needs a bit of tongue action to get wet. A good workout with the pink rabbit leads to Mark getting his cock sucked then fucking in reverse cowgirl and spoons on the seating unit before Mark explodes over Cheryl's great natural tits.

Channel Four viewers will recognise the first scene with Tammie and Mark as the filming was featured in the documentary of Anna. All the scenes feature established performers except for Susie and Alex, who give a nice performance which suggests real-life partnership, which is certainly the case with the Marais's in the last scene.

Good film.

Review by Bayleaf
August 2005

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Anna Span has struck a winning formula for her films: five self-contained scenes with a common theme. Toy with Me follows the Anna Span format where the build up is as important as the action itself and there is a natural flow throughout the scene. As well as her regular stars Kat, Karen, Tammie and Teoni, Anna introduces two new girls (to her) for this film: Cheryl and Susie Tamworth, both of whom perform well.

Tammie Lee and Mark Sloan return home to find flat mate Rob Star in front of a porn movie tugging away at his todger. Rob makes a humiliating exit when he realises the pair have been watching his wrist antics. Now the couple are alone and Tammie strips Mark on the sofa dropping her head into his lap to take mouthfuls of cock. She then teases him as she slowly strips out of her striped top and trousers. After more kissing on the couch Mark gives Tammie a blue U-shaped vibrator which he helps work into her pussy. Writhing and moaning the toy is manoeuvred inside Tammie, Mark assisting with his tongue in her moist love box. The toy is replaced by dick as the pair hump away on the sofa accompanied by the squeaking leather cushions. Eventually Mark cums filling Tammie's pussy with sperm.

Barmaids Kat and Teoni (Azura) are being chatted up by Rich James. He seams to be getting nowhere with the girls until he is handed a bag full of sex toys and asked if he knows how to use them. Of course. The two strip off their black uniforms and join Rich at the other side of the bar. It's Rich's lucky day - he is sandwiched between the pair as they continue their strip and play with each other. Climbing onto the bar Rich gets the girls wet, running his tongue round their clits and sucking on their pussy lips. Teoni turns to have her arse licked then slips a small silver toy in her hole. Seeing the fun Teoni is having Kat gets Rich to do the same to her. The girls move to share a double ended dildo, Rich moving it back and forth till both have a screaming orgasm. For all his efforts the duo give Rich a blow job, finishing him off with their hands before licking him clean.

Susie Tamworth is gently toying herself on the sofa with a red rampant rabbit when mouse catcher Alex Foster lets himself in. She nonchalantly takes out the toy and sets off to the kitchen where the vermin are so Alex can set his traps. Once this is done Alex is offered something to eat, to his surprise it's not the normal Victoria sponge but Susie's minge. He is then asked to use the toy on Susie's pussy. Gently he rubs its vibrating shaft across her clit, then turning onto full power he slides it between her legs as she rotates her hips, seeking the right spot. Susie is now wet and horny, wanting to swallow cock then be taken from behind. Eventually Mouseman and Susie end bonking away on the settee with him pulling out to spray her tits with spunk.

Karen has had a bad day at the office, even Teoni with a bag full of bargains doesn't cheer the poor girl up, but a bunch of flowers - that's a different matter. To show her appreciation she kisses and caresses Teoni, stripping her out of her cherry print knickers to lick and toy her pussy until she is hot and wet. Teoni now has her chance to return the compliment, probing Karen's pussy with her fingers she shudders with pleasure. A beaded glass dildo is then used on her squelching wet hole. The toying gets harder and faster with Karen rubbing her clit till she climaxes.

South African Mark has been summoned to his theatrical agent after walking off his last job, Santa in a shopping centre. In the waiting room he meets Cheryl dressed as an Elf. She hates her costume and cannot wait to take it off, but not in the office. Mark has a solution - they will swap outfits. Stripped, he hands Cheryl a toy out of Santa's sack, a sex toy, but she is too dry so Mark offers his tongue as well. Once she is wet, Mark holds the rampant rabbit for Cheryl to ride whilst she writhes and gyrates for the ultimate thrill. Cheryl next wants to see the toy in Mark's pants. Bending forward, her large breasts swinging freely, she fills her mouth with his man meat. Her pussy is hungry for cock and she mounts Mark, her tits jiggling away as the pair bounce up and down. Falling to the spoons position the humping continues till Mark can take no more. Pulling out, he fires his load over Cheryl's body.

Toy with Me is another fine piece of work from Britain's first lady of porn, Ms Span. It's nice to see the established and new stars producing top quality performances under her direction. Keep up the good work Anna. Toy with Me is a worthy addition to any film collection.

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