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Released: 2005
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish XXX
Alternate Titles
  • To The Manor Porn 2
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 121 mins.

Relish have 'imported' two actresses - the American Ariana Jollee and the European Claudia Rossi - to work alongside Majella and Crystal (Jo) in the sorry tale of Lord Mussentouchet. In deep financial difficulties he has lost his Limo, lost his furniture, has to get rid of his staff and put the Manor up for sale, but he still has time for a quick shag.

Ariana is the Lady 'M' who tries to occupy bailiff Jay Scarman when he comes to collect unpaid taxes. She drops her house coat to reveal her lemon lingerie then sucks and fucks Jay to try and keep her belongings. The bailiff takes her ladyship in the pussy till she is dripping wet, then in the arse till she orgasms, and after filling her bum with cum he takes her chairs and sofa.

Lord Mussentouchet (Tony de Sergio) summons the maid Claudia to tell her that her services are no longer required, but before she leaves there is one final thing his Lordship wants her to do - polish his cock with her tongue. As he is being sucked, the Chauffeur (Steve Hooper) enters to be told that without a car his job has gone, but he is welcome to fuck the maid if he wants. He pushes his prick into Claudia's pussy. The boys change positions, Claudia riding Tony's dick reverse cowgirl as she takes mouthfuls of Steve's man meat. She bends over and each has a go at fucking Claudia's tight arse as she plays with her pussy. She then has a long DP session with the two pulling out in time to cover her face in cream.

Sir Simon Stiff (Ian Tait) offers to help Lord M by buying the Manor and his first task is to get acquainted with Jo, the stable hand. She climbs in through the billiard room window, removes her padded jacket and starts deep throating Ian's dick. Pulling her breeches down, Jo mounts Ian for a riding lesson. Her moans and pants intensify as she is taken doggy style. More riding, this time reverse, Jo's pert boobs joggling as she is shagged. Finally it's to the snooker table, Jo lying face down while Ian bashes her from behind, his thighs slapping into her bum with every thrust. Kneeling, Jo opens her mouth while Ian wanks his load over her face.

Majella (Lady Muck) has come to view her new home, Danny Boy is given the job of carrying her cases to the bedroom. Majella has had a long day and, stripping to her jeans and black bra, gets Danny to massage her back as she works her own fingers over his cock. Grasping Danny's dick between her lips, Majella's head bobs up and down, the cock going further and further down her throat. Removing her panties, Danny is instructed to suck her pussy and slip his cock in her cunt when it's nice and wet. The pair move to a stool where Majella splays her legs to slide Danny's member deep into her pussy, she then rocks back and forth flicking his balls against her clit. Back on the bed, Danny takes Majella doggy. She rubs and plays with her lips till she orgasms. Pulling out, he covers her bum in cum.

It's Lord M's last dinner party and he has invited the new owners to the Manor for beans on toast. The girls start to play footsie under the table with Ian and Lord M is told to leave. Majella and Ariana remove their dresses and suck at each other's nipples but their attention soon moves to Ian's cock, taking it in turns to use it to tickle their tonsils. Bending down, Majella munches on Ariana's minge as she tongues Ian's dick. She then slips her pussy lips over his erect shaft to ride him reverse cowgirl. Balancing on a chair, Ariana is bonked up the bum with Majella fingering her fanny. She cums and licks the juices off Ian's cock. Majella also wants to orgasm and stands with her leg on a chair to be taken from behind. Ian is ready to cum and both girls crouch open mouthed to catch his cream before they kiss and swap spunk.

Relish have a reputation for producing good 'Plot' based films and To the Manor Porn 2 follows in that tradition. Good girls and good performances, the only minor criticism is the camera work and editing which is not up to Relish's normal high standard. There are problems with bright sunlight in the scene with Jo (Crystal), and the angles on some of the action shots were not always right ... and was that someone diving out of shot in the final scene? Still, To The Manor Porn 2 is a good film ... it could have been excellent.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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