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Released: 2005
Director: Paul & Jamie Arbiter
Notes: Ruder Britannia / Abattoir
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 145 mins.

Though this film has just been released most of the scenes date from early 2004 and give the impression that Tight & Toned has been 'cobbled' together from a number of the Arbiter brothers other works. The other slightly strange (and annoying) feature is the film is shot in wide screen letterbox format, so be prepared for thick black lines top and bottom of the screen.

Angel-Long has just come in from her riding lesson but seeing her boyfriend she has another type of riding on her mind. His trousers are soon down and gorgeous Angel gorges on his manhood, taking it deep down her throat. Lying on a bed, Angel gets her pussy rubbed through her jodhpurs before they are eased down to her knees for fucking to commence. After being taken missionary, Angel turns, sticking her bum high in the air to be entered from behind. Sucking her juices from the cock, Angel wants her bum filled and pulls her arse ready for the dick to be slipped in. Two or three minutes of anal action follow till the guy is ready to cum. Angel opens her mouth for the jizz.

Donna, in her pre-breast enlargement days, is exercising in the garden in a turquoise bathing suit. Her leg stretches finished, she is followed into the house by two boys in blue boiler-suits. Sitting on a grand piano, Donna starts work on the guys cocks as they probe her pussy with their fingers. Pulling her swim suit to one side one fills his mouth with her lips, getting them moist for his dick, as she deep throats the other. The guys swap ends for more practice on the piano. Having had her pussy filled, Donna gets the boys to take her in the arse then empty themselves into her mouth.

A two minute montage follows next of Angie sucking, fucking and being cum over by Mark.

Angie reappears in the next scene in a leather two piece suit as the boss's wife. She has come to pay the boys but it's more than just wages they get. Sitting on a brown leather sofa, Angie is stripped to her black spotty knickers and stockings, the guys exploring her pussy with their digits. She wants them to stand either side of her so she can suck their dicks. Angie's head turns back and forth. With a cock still in her mouth the second guy takes her doggy. She rocks gently then rolls onto her back, splaying her legs. The cock is moved into Angie's bright pink arse hole and the shagging continues. It's time to give the guys and herself a bonus and with the sound of slapping flesh Angie is DP'd. Smiling, she wants the boys to cum over her face. They oblige, covering her glasses and filling her mouth.

Short haired and amply proportioned, Lorena is in a red top and knickers in an open plan house with Tony. He sucks at her pussy through her panties before easing them to one side and lapping her clit, his fingers stretching her damp love hole. Lorena runs her tongue over Tony's cock end, then down the shaft to his balls before taking most of the length in her mouth. Bending over, Lorena wants to be fucked from behind. Tony's body rhythmically sways as his manhood penetrates her fanny. Now that it is nice and wet, Tony pushes a pair of panties into the juicy pussy, giving them to Lorena to suck on as he re-enters her. As the pair are humping, Donna walks past, climbing the stairs to a balcony to get an aerial view of the action. As she watches she wanks. Tony pulls out, spraying Lorena's red knickers in cum.

Tony and Steve are talking about Jessica and the wonderful time they had with her. The scene changes to the three on a sofa, the boys exploring between her legs. Tony goes down to finger and lick Jessica's clit as she takes Steve down her throat. Stripped, the pair take turns to fuck and get sucked by Jessica. After being taken doggy and missionary she decides to take control, riding the guys. Tony moves from her pussy to her arse, Steve tries to force her knickers into the vacated hole but fails so fills it with his cock. Jessica wants to finish with a blow job and wraps her panties round Tony's head as she wanks him into her mouth. Steve soon follows, covering her face in cream.

Michelle appears in the last scene with Steve and Mark Sloan. The pair help her out of her white jumper and denim skirt and suck on her erect nipples as their fingers wander round her white cotton panties. Steve goes down to investigate the damp patch, but by the time he has finished licking the knickers are soaking. Mark wraps the wet panties round his cock as Michelle gives him a blow job, Steve working his dick into her moist pussy. After each of the boys has shagged Michelle she opens her arse for some anal action and the pair hammer away. Michelle opens her mouth and accepts two cockfulls of cum.

Tight & Toned is one of those films where the individual scenes are quite good but the overall film is disappointing. There is nothing which ties the scenes together and it leaves you with the impression that existing footage has been thrown together in a hurry just to fill a 2 hour DVD.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf's view:

Early work from the talented Arbiter brothers went for US release in the Inside My Panties series. These are fine films with linking scenes from the male talent such as Steve Hooper and Tony di Serghio discussing the action while playing table footy. They also had plenty of extra behind-the-camera footage of the crew and models working and eating, so a reasonably accurate who-did-who-and-when can be deduced.

With no R18 releases for these four fine titles the scenes have been spliced together by Rude Britannia in a haphazard way with the single objective of getting them into British shops. A worthy aim indeed, but delivered without the flair of the scenes themselves.

The fine Michelle Banks and Jessica Love scenes are straight out of IMP 4. Lorena appears in IMP 2; although this scene isn't in that film it was shot at the same time.

Donna Ibottson appeared in IMP2 in a very similar scenario but with Steve and Tony, while the Angel-Long scene could come from IMP1.

One final point; Tammie, presumably Tamie Lee who has done fine scenes for the boys, is credited but does not appear.

October 2005

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