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Released: 2006
Director: Anna Span
Notes: Easy On The Eye Productions
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Running time: 110 mins.

Anna Span can usually be relied upon for some fresh ideas in porn and here she presents a series of short films under the banner 'With their Pants Down", men (and women) caught having a crafty tug. The collection starts brightly enough with some scene clips in silent black and white with a piano accompaniment - different, but hardly original.

Caught Measuring Up
Mr and Mrs Le Meat feature in the first short. Builder Pete is measuring Taylor's loft space for an extension; as he descends the ladder he pauses for Taylor to release his ten incher from his cargo pants. Naturally housewife Taylor has only a robe covering her sexy satin underwear so Pete whisks her to the adjoining bedroom to first lick her pussy then ram his cock in missionary. The pair continue to do what they do on and off screen, mainly in missionary then a little reverse cowgirl before Taylor pulls Pete's meat to a climax in her mouth.

Fantasy Tug
Mark Marais is enjoying one off the wrist while watching Alicia slip out of her underwear on the television set. After teasing and talking dirty to Mark for a while, Alicia suddenly appears naked in the room, much to Mark's consternation (although curiously Alicia still appears to be talking on the tv screen). Alicia wraps her tits around Mark's cock as he stays rooted to the sofa, then she takes his cock in her mouth before they fuck. Vigorous reverse cowgirl, spoons and missionary, then Mark comes over Alicia's tits which she licks off with relish. Then, wadayaknow, Alicia vanishes as quickly as she arrived.

What You Wished For
Walking along the street, Faye Rampton is subjected to some sexist banter from Stefan Hard and his mate Peter leaning out of a window. Faye promptly runs up the stairs to their office and discovers the guys, cocks in hand, leafing through a lads mag. Faye gives the guys a lecture then inspects their cocks, swiftly removes her knickers and demands oral sex. While lying on her back on the conference table Faye loses all her clothes except her hold-ups. Kneeling before the guys she brings Peter to climax, but Stefan is made of harder stuff and fucks Faye doggy then missionary over the table. Stefan comes over Faye's face and, suitably satisfied she gathers up her clothes and leaves the office naked.

In Comes the Real Thing
Alone in her flat, Karla - like Mark earlier - lies on her sofa having a wank. But her fingers aren't satisfying enough, so she slips her pants off and inserts a suitably large and realistically looking vibrator in her pussy. Ian Tate watches from the adjoining kitchen, tugging at his own cock and, judging the moment just right, moves forward without a word and slips his cock into Karla as a replacement. Karla opens her eyes in surprise then gasps appreciatively as Ian pounds away in missionary. Karla moves on top and, unclipping her bra, rides him forwards and backwards. Eventually the pair break apart and race each other to orgasm with their own hands, Karla giving Ian's knob a tongue polish.

Were You Wanking
Bev has stayed over at Elizabeth's place and she is curious about her flatmate. She gets up from their bed and discovers Robert wanking in the living room. Not wanting Robert's stiffie to go to waste, Bev undresses him on the floor and, pulling off her t-shirt, takes his cock in her mouth then removes her knckers and sits on his face. At this point Elizabeth joins them, sucking cock then pulling off her own t-shirt and pants, she slips on a black condom and mounts Robert cowgirl. The girls swap places as Bev takes cock in reverse cowgirl, then Robert fucks Bev's arse doggystyle while Elizabeth lies underneath, eventually pulling out to cum over her bum.

Anna Span proudly proclaims on her covers 'a genuine female point of view'. True, because Anna is female, but the content seems little different from material from new male directors. Anna sticks to tried and tested talent with Alicia the pick of the bunch and a slightly pudgy Faye before she went on the wagon and emerged super fit (in both senses of the word). Good films, but not cutting edge.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2006

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Anna's latest film, Their Pants Down, follows the format of her other work where setting the scene is as important as the sex itself. The girls are all 'old' favourites who have shown they can produce just what Anna wants.

Caught Measuring Up
Pete le Meat is doing some work in Taylor's loft. From his vantage point at the top of the steps he watches Taylor as she flits back and forth in her robe. Looking up she spots him pulling on his prick and summons him down, Pete claims he is measuring - 10 inches is just enough for Taylor's mouth. Dragged into the bedroom, Taylor drops her robe and eases her tits out of her bright pink bra. Pete licks her, his tongue working its way down to her pussy. Pulling her panties to one side he fingers and sucks, then slides his cock into her wet hole. The bed bounces as the pair move through various positions. Grabbing Pete's shaft tightly, Taylor wanks him into her mouth, licking off every last drip.

Fantasy Tug
With a video of Alicia Rhodes on the telly, Mark sits, cock in hand on the sofa, jerking. Suddenly Alicia appears naked in the room, he can't believe his luck. Turning off the TV, she kneels before him sandwiching his cock between her tits. Her head drops and she flicks back her hair as her lips envelope Mark's dick, his shaft sliding down her throat. Easing herself onto Mark's manhood, Alicia rides up and down. She turns halfway through to reverse cowgirl and plays with her clit as she humps. Lying on the sofa, Alicia opens her legs wide to have her pussy filled missionary. She wants Mark to spunk on her tits.

What You Wish For
Smartly suited Faye is walking down a lane when two 'youths' shout at her from a window. She storms into the building to find the pair in an office tugging at their tadgers over a wank mag. Dropping her knickers, Faye sits open-legged on a table and orders the boys to start licking. Stefan Hard does quite a decent job with his tongue which gets Faye going. Crouched, she wants to suck their cocks, but Pete can only manage a semi stiff and after a few sucks from Faye he shoots his load on her shoulder. Having sucked the pair, Faye wants to be fucked. Only Stefan has the wood to do it. His balls bang Faye's bum as he takes her from behind. Screaming, Faye orgasms then turns to take Stefan's cum in her mouth.

In Comes the Real Thing
In her turquoise bikini, Karla lies on the sofa reading, her hand rubbing hard at her pussy. Dropping her panties, she gently slips a green vibrator into her pussy. Ian Tait watches from the door into the kitchen, his hand down his trousers. Closing her eyes, Karla pulls out the toy. Ian, who has crept across the room, pushes his prick into her empty pussy and the pair fuck. Lowering herself onto Ian's cock, Karla leans forward and her breasts brush his chest as she rocks back and forward. Karla moves, this time riding reverse cowgirl and arching her back to feel the full force of Ian's dick. The scene ends with the two wanking themselves to climax and Karla licking the spunk off Ian's body.

Were you Wanking
Elizabeth has a new boyfriend and Bev is keen to find out what he's like. Finding out nothing, she heads downstairs. Entering the lounge, she finds Robert wanking to the football results. Maybe this is a comment on his team!! Bev pushes him to the floor where, T-shirt off, she grabs at his cock and pops it in her mouth. Robert squeezes her tits together and bites at Bev's boobs. Her knickers down, she sits on his face to have her fanny sucked. With Robert's tongue lapping her clit, Bev shouts for Elizabeth. Shocked, it doesn't take her long to swallow his dick. Then rolling on a black condom she mounts him. The girls kiss as Robert sucks and fucks. Swapping ends, Elizabeth gets her arse tickled as Bev is shagged. The two end up 69ing, Robert showering Bev's back with jizz.

Whilst this is not vintage Anna Span, it's not bad and the end of the third scene is not your normal stuff. Pity Faye didn't get two stiff ones in her scene, but being a professional performer she more than made up for it. A very watchable film - more please Anna.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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