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Released: 2006
Director: Paul Thomas
Notes: Vivid
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Running time: 76 mins.

There's something fascinating about identical twins. Even more so when they are both porn stars. Veteran director Paul Thomas has, however, failed to hit the mark with Lacey and Lyndsey Love in his film Twindom. The original concept may have been good with the girls going through shared experiences, like one having sex and the other orgasming, but this is lost in a mire of a plot and compounded by plodding acting.

In an attempt to inject some humour, blonde Sophie Dee and dark Missy Moore, claiming also to be identical twins, go out with the girls for a foursome. At the club they pick up a pair of unmatching identical twin guys. While Lacey (or Lyndsey) and Missy set about sucking cock, Sophie slowly slides a shaft into her snatch. Crouching, Sophie crams some cock into her face. Missy moves to sit on her 'twins' face. Bent over the pool table, Sophie is fucked from behind. Missy lounges on a seat, squirting as she is shagged. She swaps places with Lacey. Finally, all four girls lie together as the guys shower then in cum.

The general impression the film leaves you with is of five scenes which have been cobbled together in order to use the twins. The plot is non-existent and there is nothing to link any of the action together. Forget what it says on the cover. This is not 'Porn meets Columbo, in a black comedy' but it is one of the poorest films Vivid have released in a while. And it is also pitifully short.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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