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Released: 2006
Director: Otto Bauer
Notes: Mach 2 Entertainment
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Running time: 130 mins.

From the title you could assume that this is a 3 guy to one girl film, but only the acrobatic Audrey Hollander takes on three cocks. Sophie Dee along with Haley Scott, Aaralyn Barra and the slightly crooked toothed Cindy Sterling each have to make do with a single prick. Unlike a lot of films where the music seems to be an after thought, Mach 2 have commissioned a track for the start of each scene and the girls dance and strip as it plays.

The third scene sees Sophie in a graffiti-covered room, rubbish is strewn over the floor and there is an old hospital bed in the centre with a tatty chair. Wearing thigh-length black boots, Sophie removes her black bra and knickers as she dances. Bending over she shows her arse to the camera before pushing in a big glass dildo. Intro over, Alex Sanders enters to find Sophie on the bed, her legs wide open and her nipples attached to a monitor. He unplugs the cables and she slips to the floor taking his cock in her mouth. Sophie's blue eyes water as, gagging, she feeds the dick down her throat and Alex's balls slap against her chin. Back on the bed, Sophie lies with her head over the edge to have her tonsils fucked, her long blonde hair trailing along the ground. Alex moves round the bed and starts to pump her pussy and her body jolts with each thrust. Sophie tastes herself as she plays with her bum. Rolling onto all fours she gets Alex to plunge his member into her arse for a good hard bang. The two sit up, Sophie riding reverse with the cock up her bum. They twist round and end fucking doggy. Kneeling in front of Alex, Sophie has her mouth open wide as he wanks and his spunk sprays her face.

Otto Bauer and Mach 2 have produced a good film, each scene well choreographed and shot in a different setting. The girls too were good, Sophie showing she could handle veteran actor Alex. But top marks must go to the hot and dirty Audrey and her energetic approach to taking three guys. It's easy to see why she is an award winner in the States. The high production quality makes Triple Treat 6 an enjoyable film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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