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Notes: Tracey's Home Videos
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Running time: 84 mins.

Whilst there is a place in the market for amateur and home made films, they should at least be watchable. The note on the back of Tracey's Home Videos 1 warns potential purchasers 'footage might be a bit dark, grainy or jittery'. They could also have added 'out of focus' and 'out of shot'.

With no introduction, we're thrust into a dimly lit bedroom where we find Tracey sharing a bed with a guy and a girl. The three kiss and fondle in the gloom as the camera zooms in and out. A second guy lurches out of the shadows to join the threesome. The four fuck and suck in the dark.

Grainy and with a dark yellow hue, Tracey indulges in some girl/girl action on the rug. Insufficient light and indifferent focusing make it difficult to determine what's happening. The camera eventually pulls back to show Tracey working a pink vibe into a girl's pussy.

The next scene appears to have been shot under sodium street lights. A very jaundiced looking Tracey masturbates on the sofa, where she's joined by a guy whose cock is hidden beneath rolls of stomach. Pushing her plastic prick into her pussy, Tracey gives the guy a blow job. The two then shag among a pile of cushions.

After fifty seconds of blankness (leading you to hope the film may have finished), the final scene sputters into life. Tracey is back on the floor for some more girl/girl action. Suddenly we swap to colour and light with Tracey on the bed with a toy. A guy joins in. She gives him a blow job. The camera moves in for some close-ups of bums. The film stops.

Some films should not be let loose on the general public. This is one of them.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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