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Released: 2006
Notes: Wicked City Films
Alternate Titles
  • Junkyard Girls American Xcess
  • Tony's Totty Tales TVX series title
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 141 mins.

Totty Tales is a series of five separate vignettes complete with introductions and titles. It features Tony James in every vignette, was shot for TVX and is now released in an R18 version. The action takes place on a rundown farm where Tony spins a tale to a succession of girls in an attempt to get into their knickers. The origins of the film are much in evidence with plenty of footage of thrashing legs and bouncing backs intercut with views of the action.

Sitting in his digger, Tony reads the paper as Michelle shovels away at a pile of sand. When he reaches the bottom of the page it's time for a cuppa. The pair head off. Tony stops to take his cock out and, her arse hanging out of her ripped jeans, Michelle bends forward to suck at it. Her nipples stick through her tight white top as she fills her face. The site office is very hot, so the two strip to cool down; Tony sits on the edge of his desk as Michelle swallows his length. Leaning against the wall, Michelle strokes her clit while Tony bangs her pussy from behind. The couple then wander off to the bedroom for the action to continue. Tony first feeds on Michelle's fanny and then pops his cock where his tongue has just been. She lifts her legs onto his shoulders as they fuck. The two swap places, Tony lying on his back as Michelle mounts his manhood reverse. They slither onto the floor and Tony wanks his load over Michelle's face.

Natalie stands beside a wreck of a car. Tony arrives and, finding it without wheels, he offers to let her use the office phone to call for help. It's going to take the garage hours to get there so Tony offers to entertain Natalie. Hanging up her jacket, Natalie lifts her black top letting Tony play with her tits. She pulls at her pussy through her pale blue knickers and slips in a couple of fingers. Tony lends a hand. Pants off, he lounges on the sofa. Natalie kneels between his legs, her lips clamped onto his shaft, and her head bobs up and down. Dropping her denim skirt, Natalie bends over Tony's desk. He slips his cock in her pussy. Her hand reaches down and strokes his thighs. Rolling over, Tony pounds at Natalie's pussy missionary. The action returns to the sofa where they shag spoons. Twisting round, Natalie catches Tony's cum in her mouth.

Tony is showing Paige around his farm. She doesn't look impressed. He brags about what he owns as the pair sit on an old trailer. Paige opens her legs to flash her shaven pussy and Tony's fingers soon find their way in. Asking if she has ever tasted a millionaire, Tony flops out his todger. Paige holds the base and runs her lips around the head. He groans as it goes deep into her mouth. Paige stands against the side of a wagon, Tony pumping his prick into her pussy which shakes her tits out of the black top. The two move to the long grass. Tony holds Paige's hips and lowers her onto his erect member. Paige takes her turn lying in the meadow with legs held back as Tony thrusts into her cunt. Paige sits up wanting millionaire's cream in her mouth. Tony obliges.

Daisy Rock is shown where her new office is to be. It's an old trailer, but Tony can do it up - he can do anything. Daisy spots a speed boat, the SS Semen. Tony tells of his days as a pirate and offers to show his Jolly Roger if she'll follow him. The two stop in the shade by a pile of paving stones and Daisy crouches to swallow Tony's prick. She uses the slabs as a table, bending to be taken doggy. Out in the sun the couple stop in the field. Tony lies with Daisy bouncing on his dick, her pony tail swishing against his face. She rolls onto her side as she wants her arse filled and Tony eases his way in. Daisy licks her lips as her bum is banged. Finally, wrapping her lips round Tony's cock, Daisy yanks his spunk into her mouth.

With his feet on the desk, Tony looks deep in thought. Leah-Jaye, in a short shiny black dress, knows how to cheer him up. Sitting on his knee she releases her boobs and Tony bites and sucks at her nipples. The dress slowly slides down and he reaches for her black g-string and fingers her. He takes his cock out and Leah sinks to the floor for her tongue to lap at his member. With her poised on the edge of the desk, Tony tastes her pussy, his tongue lapping at her neatly trimmed pubes and his fingers coaxing her cunt. Then they go to the sofa and Leah-Jaye's heels clatter and rattle as she rides reverse. Screwing round she grinds against Tony's balls, then kicks off her shoes. The sofa shakes and boobs bounce as Tony delves deep into Leah-Jaye with his prick. On all fours, she is finished doggy. Leah-Jaye fingers her fanny as Tony jerks over her face.

I have to admit I found the film disappointing. The cuts between soft and hard action made the scenes jumpy and the poor lighting flattened the colours. The plots for each scene were also weak. Tony playing characters ranging from the local yokel with a digger to the habitual fibber didn't quite work, hard action rather than acting being his strong point. On the positive side there were decent performances from the newer girls Paige and Daisy Rock and any film with Michelle and Natalie Heck can't be all bad.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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