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Released: 2006
Director: Mike Hunt
Notes: Demon Seed compilation
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Running time: 194 mins.

Demon Seed have collected a cast of fine girls for their (first?) film Tales From The Dark Side. The six 30-minute plus scenes run from the erotic - Milana (as Roxanne) in her sexy black dress - through to the pseudo fetish - PVC-clad Renee Richards as the strict disciplinarian.

In her black PVC basque and her hair tied tight back, Renee Richards approaches a blindfold and handcuffed Sonny who is sitting on a high back chair. Sticking her fingers into his mouth she then slaps and squeezes his nipples. Pulling at his pants, she teases Sonny's cock with her tongue. His trousers down, Mistress Renee rubs her red boots against his nut sack and bites at his balls. Removing her knickers, Renee releases Sonny and gets him between her legs. His mouth explores the folds of her pussy lips and her fishnet-clad legs wrap around his back. Mounting his cock cowgirl, Renee leans back making Sonny lick her boots as she fucks. Sitting up, her boobs fall out of her basque as she bounces. Throwing her outfit to the floor, she kneels on the sofa to get a good pounding doggy. After coating his cock in spit, shagging continues missionary. Renee's reverse riding merges into spoons as the two roll onto their sides. Ready for the pop shot, Renee opens her mouth and Sonny obliges. She plays with the spunk on her tongue.

Dark-haired Roxanne (Milana) sits in the window of her loft apartment in her short black dress. Her fingers slip into her tight knickers. Then she pulls down the front of her dress and caresses her tits. Jonny enters and Roxanne runs her hands over his chest then down to the bulge in his pants. She starts to lick the base of Jonny's shaft. Her tongue makes its way to the tip and smiling she takes it between her lips. Sliding the straps off her shoulders, Jonny clasps at her pert boobs, making her nipples erect. He moves down to her shaved snatch and sticks in his tongue. Lying back, Roxanne pants as Jonny pumps his prick into her pussy. She fingers herself as she licks the juices from his cock. The pair shag reverse cowgirl, then Roxanne twists herself round to have her tits sucked. After a little doggy action Roxanne lies on the floor, her bum propped up against the sofa to be pile drived. Sitting up, she wanks Jonny's dick over her tits.

A black-suited Lolly Badcock has Jem Stone on a chain. She leads her towards the sofa. Bending her over her knee, Lolly spanks Jem Stone's bum and pulls her pink one-piece tight into her snatch. Sitting up, the girls' tongues meet. Jem Stone's big boobs are eased out of the fluorescent pink outfit for Lolly to bite. Jacket and white blouse off, Jem Stone leaves a ring of lipstick on Lolly's tits. Her hand rives at her silver and black knickers. Pulling apart Jem Stone's cheeks, Lolly uses her tongue to probe her pussy and arse. Stuffing her fingers into her fanny, Lolly stretches Jem Stone wide. She then makes her taste her swollen pussy lips. A black-tipped dildo is plunged into Lolly's pussy and Jem Stone licks at the shiny wet cunt. Lolly grabs a curved double-ended toy and thrusts it into her pussy. Jem Stone swallows the other end. Her black stockings laddered, Lolly takes Jem Stone on all fours. Holding the toy in her mouth she then sits on her face. A monster dildo appears, but it is too big for Jem Stone's mouth so Lolly forces it into her wet fanny. Lolly wants to climax and gets Jem Stone to wank her with the double-ended dildo.

Poppy watches Tony and Danny playing pool. It doesn't take her long to get between the boys and start to play with their balls. Out of her white lingerie, she crouches with a cock in each hand and her head yo-yoing back and forth. Failing to get both dicks into her mouth at once, Poppy pushes out her cheeks with man meat. The spit-covered shafts slap her face. The three move to the sofa. Poppy pulls and swallows prick as her pussy is fingered. Grabbing hold of Tony, she tongues the eye of his dick then lets him fuck her from behind. The boys swap places, Poppy being filled at both ends. With Poppy half standing over Tony, he hammers hard into her pussy. His cock is then eased into Poppy's arse. The three twist and turn through a number of positions ending with Poppy on the floor, her head back, collecting the boys' cum.

Chelsea is another girl with a picture window in her penthouse apartment. She sits in her white summer dress stroking her pussy through her black knickers. Pascal arrives in time to see her take out her tits and lick them. He slides his hand into her panties and pulls them down. Kneeling on the black leather chair he fingers her fanny. Spinning round, Chelsea wraps her lips around his cock then runs the staff over her nipples. When he turns the chair back to fuck Chelsea from behind, her knickers have mysteriously reappeared, but it doesn't stop Pascal banging her hard with his prick. Licking the cock clean, Chelsea is up for more doggy, this time in her arse. Pascal pushes a long pink dildo into Chelsea's bum as he bonks her pussy for a good long session. The scene finishes with Chelsea covered in jizz.

Lolita and Claudia stand in their mini skirts tweaking each other's tits. Demitri joins the girls who immediately fall to their knees to lap at his cock. The two tongues work up either side of the shaft and meet at the head. Stripped, Lolita buries the prick in her pussy while Claudia plays with Demitri's balls. Claudia is on her hands and knees for her pussy to be fucked. Demitri moves his cock to Lolita's fanny. Her legs spread, she rides him reverse. The two balance on top of each other and Demitri goes from girl to girl. Claudia and Lolita kneel on the sofa, their bums high in the air. Demitri bangs away at the two making the whole settee shake. With sweat dripping off his brow, Lolita sucks at Demitri's dick while Claudia positions herself over the cock and squats. The two girls end up sharing a facial.

Whilst the film contains a good variety of boy/girl and girl/girl action and the performances from all involved were worthy, the overall package was let down by poor technical production. Renee and Poppy's scenes were bleached with the colours looking washed out and Chelsea appeared to have vertical lines, the reflection of the window blinds on the camera lens. There is no doubt Demon Seed have the ideas and directing ability. Sort out the lighting and they should produce winners ... though sadly not this time.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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