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Released: 2006
Director: Marino Franchi as Pornus Maximus
Notes: Spanking Tomato, UK title and on-screen title for Tightfit HD in USA
Alternate Titles
  • Twin British MILFS USA, Tightfit HD, cover title
  • Twin Cheeks
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 152 mins.

When you first start to watch the film there is a bit of a double take. Chantelle Stevens and her less-often-seen twin Chloe are so similar that you wonder if trick photography has been used. The girls manage to cram plenty of action into the 2½ hour film with one or other twin always appearing.

After having a drink in a wine bar, Chantelle and Marino make their way back to the car. Sitting in a lane they encounter Chloe begging. Generous Marino slips her a fiver and in return Chloe offers to suck his cock. They head indoors and Chloe does as she promised. His cock deep down her throat, Chantelle recognises the blow-job technique - it's her long-lost identical twin. With Chloe covered in spunk, Chantelle takes her under her wing.

Standing in the picture window of a large house, Taylor pulls her fluorescent V-shaped one piece tight into her fanny and stretches it over her tits. Chloe lounges on the bed in her baby pink lingerie, fishnets and white boots, wondering about her new lifestyle. She asks Taylor to teach her everything. The two start with a kiss before moving down to the boobs. Dropping down to Chloe's pussy, Taylor tongues and fingers her, making her scream with pleasure. The pair move to a large leather chair so that Chloe can show what she's just learned. Tugging at the one-piece she fills her face with Taylor's fanny. Grabbing a huge tongue-shaped toy, Taylor wedges it between Chloe's legs, prising her arse open to take the waggling dildo and only stopping when the panting subsides. On hands and knees, it's Taylor's turn for the tongue and Chloe jams it into her tight arse. The two fall to the floor.

In her long black evening dress and gloves, Chantelle sits on the patio dreaming of being swept off her feet by a man dressed all in black. Closing her eyes she caresses her body as she fantasises. All of a sudden Ian Tait appears, flowers and champagne in hand. Chantelle slowly peels down her dress and Ian squeezes and plays with her tits. Her black panties are pulled to one side and she begs to be licked. She tastes her juices from his fingers. Undoing Ian's pants, Chantelle releases his erect cock. Her gloved hand rubs it across her cleavage before wrapping her lips around it. She half climbs onto the table and the glasses rattle as Chantelle is rogered from behind. Stripped to her long black gloves, Chantelle sits reverse on Ian's dick. He trickles champagne over her body. It drips off her pussy lips onto his balls as the pair bounce. Ian eases a pink vibrator into Chantelle's arse and a red gel dildo is added to her pussy. Pulling out the toys he thrusts his cock into her empty gaping holes. Finally Ian showers Chantelle's tits and neck with cream.

Chloe spots Pascal the gardener through her telescope and decides on some fun. Sitting on a bench she lifts her white dress and probes at her pussy. Tits out, she rives at her body. Fingers enter her pussy and arse and, as Pascal arrives, she spreads her legs and puts on a show. The couple kiss. Pascal works his tongue down her body and he buries his face between her thigh. Licking at the front of Pascal's pants, Chloe soon has his prick out and deep down her throat. Pascal goes down again, Chloe wanking at his cock as he tongues her arse. Knees up to her tits, Pascal hammers away at Chloe's cunt. She shudders and moans. The two swap places and Chloe's boobs joggle as she rides away on Pascal's dick. She spins into reverse cowgirl and her dress flops down. The two lie side by side on the bench, Pascal's manhood tight in Chloe's arse. Sitting up to finish the session, Chloe catches Pascal's spunk in her mouth.

Chantelle sits in the middle of a king-size bed in her pinstriped basque and knickers. Standing by the mirrored wardrobes is Alicia in black lingerie and stockings. Climbing onto the bed, Alicia is offered Chantelle's boobs to suck. The girls fall back as they paw at each other. Pushing Chantelle up onto her shoulders, Alicia fingers and licks at her arse. Her pussy shines with juices which she tastes. Lying face down on the bed, Alicia gets her bum tongued. Chantelle rips at her stockings as she sucks. Reaching for a vibrator, she rams it deep into her dripping wet arse. Alicia fingers herself as her bum is fucked. The two then use a double-ended dong. Sticking it into Chantelle, Alicia works her way along the other end till the pair meet. Both fill their arses. The toy is then fed down Chantelle's throat making her gag. With Chantelle well lubed up, Alicia has something special for her - she forces a set of very large balls up her bum and watches each pop out as she pulls on the string. Chantelle takes the beads in her mouth.

Identically dressed, the twins sit in the garden recounting their sexual adventures. Pascal and Marino appear with gifts for the girls. They unwrap the packages - each gets a beady arse toy. These are run across their tits, but the boys are keen for the two to try out the presents. Chantelle has her arse opened with four fingers while Chloe contents herself with Marino's manhood in her mouth. Pascal wipes his dick over Chantelle's face as the toy disappears into her bum. The twins lie beside each other to be fucked. Moving onto the grass, Chloe rides Marino before being taken doggy. Chantelle moves thorough similar positions, taking prick in both pussy and arse before being double dicked. Chloe too wants the experience of two guys inside her and the boys oblige. More shagging and DP action follows for the twins. Then they crouch to take the guys' cum on their faces.

Though the cast is small for a longish film, both Chantelle and Chloe have bags of energy and enthusiasm which keeps the action progressing. And fortunately for those who can't tell the difference, they introduce themselves in the dialogue at the start of each scene. Seasoned professionals Alicia and Taylor provide good support for the twins as do the male studs. The film is, however, let down slightly by sloppy technical production, with reflections of the crew in the windows in the outdoor shots, the occasional camera popping into view and general noise in the background during the scenes. The distractions don't however spoil the film. One hot and naughty girl is great, but with an identical pair the entertainment value more than doubles.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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