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Released: 2006
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films / Cathy Barry Entertainment
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Running time: 134 mins.

Phil Barry is Jonny one and Tony James Jonny two in Pumpkin Film's light-hearted sex romp 'The Two Jonnies'. Struggling to make ends meet, Tony takes on a number of 'strange' jobs to pay his way. Phil keeps searching him out to appear in just one more scene. Strange costumes and double entendres have the cast in kinks. The new girls Emma, Jessica and Tracy must have wondered what they let themselves in for.

Phil meets Jessica in the city centre. Tony is supposed to be there, but there's no sign of him. As the two wait a chicken struts its way towards them - Tony is handing out flyers. The inevitable cock jokes follow. The three jump into Phil's car and make for a flat to shoot the scene. Still in his chicken outfit, Tony pecks at Jessica's tits. She strips him down to see the real cock and she wanks and bites it. Tony lifts Jessica's red mini skirt and laps pussy through her black knickers. Peeling down her panties, he tongues and fingers her fanny. She falls forward on the bed. Turning, Jessica takes Tony in her mouth getting his dick nice and wet ready for riding. She slides down reverse and her boobs jiggle as she bangs against his balls. Wheeling round, her black top comes off and her tits dangle in Tony's face. Flicking back her long blonde hair, Jessica goes down on all fours to be taken doggy. Finally Jessica jerks Tony's cock over her face, licking off every drop of cream.

Tony's next job is as a barman and his wit and charm have emptied the place. Laura Michaels, a 'student', comes in. The boys suggest they all pop round to the studio to make an 'Art' film. Pulling down Laura's demin skirt, the two admire her bum. Tony is full of praise for her pussy as her knickers fall to the floor. He asks to suck her tits 'purely in the interests of art'. Laura crouches to take Tony's cock in her mouth, but it would look nice between her legs, so she bends and he thrusts in past her pussy lips - a true masterpiece. Tony sits on the sofa, Laura mounting his dick reverse. His balls bang her clit as they bonk. The two roll over to shag spoons before Laura lies back, her legs apart, to be finished missionary. The finishing touch - Tony fires his cum into Laura's mouth ... proper art.

Phil has booked beautiful blonde Emma for her first shoot, but where's Tony? Locked in a cage in his PVC shorts, a play thing for his mistress. Released, it's time to make a film. Tony massages Emma's breasts through her black halter-neck top. He slips a boob out and sucks on it. A hand works its way up Emma's short skirt and fondles her bum. Top and knickers come off as she's fingered. Kneeling behind Emma, Tony buries his face in her bum cheeks and licks. She pulls his cock out of his PVC pants and sucks. Lounging back, Emma wraps her lips around Tony's dick, then plants the erect porker in her pussy. She falls back, her black booted feet pressing into Tony's thighs as she bounces. Spinning round, the two fuck in a series of positions - cowgirl, doggy, spoons, ending in missionary with Emma's legs up on Tony's shoulders. Emma takes Tony's spunk over her face. She's happy with her first ever scene.

Charly and Phil wait for Tony outside a cemetery. He turns up dressed as a priest. Disgusted at Phil's suggestions about shagging Charly, he invites the pair to the rectory for tea and a chat on the sins of the flesh. Once there Charly wants to play with Tony's organ. She raises his cassock to find it and squeezes the bulge in the front of his pants. Her tongue darts back and forward ... it's a sin but Tony is enjoying it. He leans forward to see what's under Charly's skirt, slapping her bum as she sucks. Leather jacket off, Charly unbuttons her blouse and Tony moves in for her tits. Her knickers down, he drops to lap and finger her pussy. Charly pushes her boobs together, making her nipples stand erect, Tony's prick is then sandwiched in her cleavage as she gives him a tit wank. Easing his cock past her neatly trimmed pubes, Charly rides Tony. She lies back, pushed into the corner of the sofa as Tony hammers his man meat home. The two fuck doggy until Tony jerks his load into Charly's mouth as she fondles his balls.

At last Tony has what he wants, a job in TV. In his skimpy skirt, stockings and heels, he is stopped on the street corner by Phil. Tracy appears. He is on her patch and she orders him off. Phil has an idea - Tracy should come back with the pair of them for a shoot. Tottering around the studio, Tony is up for some 'girl/girl' action until Phil points out he has a dick. Taking off Tracy's top, Tony has hit the jackpot. He flicks and sucks at her pierced nipples as he strips out of his clobber. Tracy stoops to swallow Tony's shaft, then her knickers come off and she gyrates her pussy down the cock. She bends forward in her thigh-length boots with skirt gathered round her waist and Tony slips in from behind, thrusting into her shaven snatch. A long shag spoons is followed by missionary, Tracy holding her legs high as she's bonked. Tony pulls out and jerks off over Tracy's tits. She smears in the spunk.

There's no doubt Phil, Tony and the girls had a good laugh as the film was made, but sometimes this is to the detriment of the production quality, with a couple of the scenes lacking the usual 'Pumpkin' crispness. The 'new' girls Emma and Jessica both put in fine performances. Let's hope we see more of them and top marks to Tracy for tackling a transvestite Tony ... not very pretty. Whilst this is an enjoyable film there is room for improvement.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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