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Released: 2006
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films / Cathy Barry Entertainment
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Running time: 136 mins.

More mayhem hits the streets of Bristol as Phil Barry and Tony James's alter egos, The Two Jonnies, return for five more madcap scenes. The film follows on where the last left off, with Tony taking up a series of strange jobs in an attempt to get out of the porn industry and, as before, giving in to the temptation of a set of gorgeous girls.

Meeting Tori on the street, Phil tells her they have to go to the zoo to pick up Tony. As they approach, they see a man in gorilla outfit at the bus stop handing out leaflets. It's Tony's job. Seeing the stunning Tori he jumps into the back of the car and insists that Phil takes them off to the woods where he feels more at home. Standing against a tree, Tori lifts her denim skirt to let Tony lick her pussy through her white knickers. Her tits out, Tori's legs buckle as she is finger fucked. She turns and pulls her pants down so that Tony can tongue her arse. With Tony out of costume, Tori takes his dick in her mouth to stiffen it up. He is soon banging away on Tori from behind. Using the gorilla outfit as a rug, Tony lies back to let Tori mount his dick. Removing her skirt she sits back down, this time cowgirl, her boobs dangling over his face. Lying in the leaf litter, spoon is followed by missionary. With Tony ready to cum, Tori opens her mouth to catch the spunk. It drips over her chin.

Russian Diemante is met at the station, but as usual Tony is not there. Phil drives her to the fruit market where they find him dressed as a banana. Lots of fruity puns follow as the three head back to the studio. Diemante flashes her stocking tops and leopard-patterned knickers as she climbs out of the car. She is led over to the sofa where she crosses and uncrosses her legs. Undoing her bra, Tony nibbles at her tits, attempts to go down on her pussy and, with much hilarity from Phil, fails because of his banana costume. Stripped of his banana man gear, Tony eases Diemante's panties down and rests her against the back of the sofa to bang her hard from behind. Under the instruction of Phil the pair shift round for a better shot of the action. Her English might not be up to much, but when Tony indicates he wants Diemante to mount his cock she climbs aboard, spinning from reverse to cowgirl. The session ends in spoons, Diemante throwing her head back as Tony wanks over her face.

Frankie is walking along the road in a low cut green top, her tits almost hanging out. Phil has to stop. Leaning in through the car window, she flashes her boobs for Phil. The girl he booked hasn't turned up and she's only too willing to take her place. Off in the woods, Tony is on exercise. He has joined the Army, but the sight of Frankie temps him to desert. The studio is set up in camouflage for the pair. Frankie falls to her knees to check Tony's privates. Bending forward, Phil glimpses her pearl g-string, Tony can't resist having a lick. His fingers enter Frankie's moist fanny. She reaches down to help and, turning, Tony chews at her clit making her nipples stand erect. Frankie slips down his shaft and bangs hard on his balls. On all fours with her bum high in the air, her slim body tightens as she is fucked from behind. Grabbing Frankie's hips, Tony pulls her onto his cock. With laughs and giggles the two roll onto their side to continue spoons then missionary, her legs on his shoulders. Weapon cocked, Tony is ready to fire. Frankie catches his cream in her mouth and dribbles it onto her tits.

Standing at the bus stop in her tight red top, denim miniskirt and fishnets, Daisy Rock attracts Phil's attention along with that of all the other motorists who pass. He has news - Tony is in hospital. Daisy jumps into the car and the two head off. They find Tony dressed in green overalls. He is a paramedic, but having missed his ambulance he decides to take Daisy inside for an examination. He lifts her top - her tits taste right so Tony's next task is to check her minge for moisture. Her red panties to one side, he licks and laps. Her check up over, Daisy wants to give Tony the once over. He lies on the bed as she probes her tonsils with his prick. Peeling down Daisy's panties as she lies face down on the bed, Tony eases his dick into her pussy. She rolls over and moans as he thrusts deep into her cunt. Climbing onto the bed beside Daisy, he enters her pussy spoons. The two screw round till he's banging at her shaven mound cowgirl. Crouched down at the end of the bed, Daisy wanks Tony's medicine over her tongue. Then she wipes his dick on her face.

Jerri has come to Bristol from Brazil to start her career as a porn actress. Phil films her in the park in her spotted black summer dress as they wait for Tony. The long arm of the law arrives in the shape of PC James, Tony's latest job. He asks Jerri to accompany him - to the station? No, the studio. Tony's hand slips inside Jerri's dress, checking her tits for concealed items. His trousers drop to the floor as she feeds on his truncheon. Tony sits back as his dick is sucked. Placing Jerri on all fours, Tony crouches behind her and gives her fanny a good fingering then slips in his dick. As Tony lies flat on his back, Jerri sits on his cock. She removes her dress and spins round to ride cowgirl. Her legs spread, Jerri is entered missionary before turning onto her side. Tony shoots his spunk over her face.

It's obvious from the laughing and carrying on that both the girls and the boys enjoyed themselves during the making of the film and this comes out in their performances. Though who knows what Diemante thought when she was being fucked by a six foot banana!!! The only minor gripe is that at times it looks as if the fun and games were to the detriment of Phil's normally high production quality. This is a good film with the tongue firmly planted in the cheek and a load of cheesy puns. Worth a watch? Of course.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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