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Released: 2006
Director: Tony Goodfellow & Vinny Bones
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Running time: 108 mins.

Tony Goodfellow's releases through Rude Britannia all seem to have that 'home made' look about them and Three's A Crowd is no exception. The three long scenes are shot on either the sofa or a small bedroom, which only just manages to hold the cast and crew.

Richard (Vinny Bones) and Lee Henshaw pop off to the pub to eye up the talent. They return moments later with Simone in tow. Wasting no time on introductions, the three troop off to the bedroom where Simone immediately starts to suck cocks. Tonguing the shafts, she swallows each in turn. The boys take off her black top and pull her tits out of her bra. Kneeling on the bed, Simone bites at Richard's balls. Lee bangs away behind her. As Simone turns onto her side to be taken spoons by Richard, there is the first of many glimpses of the cameraman. Lee wanks as he watches Simone being fucked missionary, getting a better view than the camera. Riding cowgirl, Simone squirts lube up her arse and slides in a vibrator. Lee moves in to DP her. Banging away at Simone's arse, Lee pulls out to fire his load over her bum. She roles over for Richard to cum on her tits.

Donna and Richard need help, so call to see sex therapist Lyndsey. After an interminably long chat the three head for the bedroom where Lyndsey will teach the art of foreplay. Removing Donna's white blouse and black dress the girls climb onto the bed. Lyndsey nestles between Donna's stocking covered legs and laps at her pussy. Richard takes out his cock as the two kiss and finger. He moves to lap Donna's pink clit. The girls roll over, Donna practising her tongue technique on Lyndsey. A vibrator in hand, Lyndsey fills Donna's fanny. Throwing her head back she moans as her legs are stretched wide. It's Lyndsey's turn to take the red toy. Richard stands wanking. The pair move to 69 and the scene suddenly stops.

Feeling lonely, Donna has invited Gill and Criag round. The three sit on the sofa and chat. Donna complains about a lack of attention. Gill offers Craig's services to satisfy her. Unzipping his trousers she goes down to give him a blow job while Gill removes her blouse and bra. Taking over on Craig's cock, Donna stands to strip to her suspenders and black stockings then moves to smear her pussy over his face as Gill rides him cowgirl. Donna nibbles at Gill's pert breasts then drops on all fours to be fucked doggy. Gill fingers herself before Craig rams his cock in her pussy. The cover on the sofa slips over her head with the action. The girls 69, Craig moving from cunt to cunt with his cock. Crouching, the girls catch his cream on their faces.

Tony and Richard have tried something different with only three scenes rather than the normal 5, but neither Donna nor Richard manage to look or sound convincing in the long build ups before the action starts. To make this type of film work both the acting and technical side need to be spot on which, unfortunately, they aren't. The film is not however all doom and gloom. There is the welcome return of Simone-Claire to the screen and a promising debut for new girl Gill.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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