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Released: 2007
Director: Dino La Mooks
Notes: Asphyxiation Films
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Running time: 91 mins.

With a cast of only two girls and a subject which appears to be aimed at a niche market, Toe Treats is a surprisingly good film starring two very sexy girls.

In her black basque type dress, trimmed in white lace and fishnet stockings, Antonia enters her hotel bedroom, followed by Leah. Antonia settles back on the blue checked bedspread to let Leah unfasten her black high-heel sandals and start to massage her feet. The camera slowly pans up and down Antonia's legs. Feeling relaxed, Antonia offers her services to Leah. She un-straps the ribbons on her heels and starts to rub. Leah flashes her bright red knickers. Antonia presses her toes against Leah's clit. Leaning forward, the two kiss - Leah peeling down Antonia's stockings as they do so. Removing Leah's top and red bra, Antonia plays with her big boobs. The pair head to the bathroom.

The girls share the bath, covering each other's feet and legs with soap and rubbing them against each other. Antonia's toes gently move over Leah's studded pelvis and make their way to her pussy.

Swathed in towels, the two move back to the bed where liberal amounts of moisturiser are applied to each other. Antonia stretches out to get her toe nails painted. A knock on the door and Pascal enters. The girls stroke each other as he goes for their feet. The pair use their toes on the bulge in his pants. Face down, Leah pulls at her pussy. Pascal slips his own fingers into her damp snatch. She rolls over so Antonia can sit on her face. Pascal laps at her pierced pussy. The two head for Pascal's prick. Antonia takes it in her mouth while Leah's feet tease his balls.

The two swap over, using their feet on his cock. The pair turn their toes on each other. Wrapping the ribbon from Leah's shoes round Pascal's manhood, Antonia wanks and sucks on it. Next, her black fishnets are around his cock as the two lick at it. With Antonia running her feet over his balls, Leah climbs aboard the shaft and rides Pascal cowgirl. She is flipped back onto the floor to be pile driven. Antonia's cunt in her face, twisting, she ends up being fucked doggy. It's now Antonia's turn to try Pascal's prick. Lying on her side she is entered spoons. She muffles her moans by chewing at Leah's foot. Lifting her up, Antonia bounces reverse cowgirl on Pascal's dick, Leah's toes working at her clit. A little missionary before Pascal pops his load over Antonia's feet. Leah licks off his jizz.

Whilst the thought of feet and toes may not appeal to everyone, the sight of two girls romping round a bed, especially if they are Antonia and Leah, is very erotic. A cast of two girls in a hotel bedroom for a 90 minute film may sound limiting, but with great performances and careful production, Asphyxiation make it work. Toe Treats shows how if a niche market film is well made it can attract a wider audience. Top marks and well worth a watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle


Antonia and Leah arrive in a hotel room and can't wait to get to grips with each other, Leah massages Antonia's fishnet stocking clad feet and, of course, Antonia returns the favour. Stripping off, the women bathe together using their feet to soapy massage each other's private parts.

Naked on the bed the Antonia and Leah paint each other's toenails before Pascal arrives. Toes and tongues are used to stimulate Pascal's cock and the girl's pussies.

Eventually, after an hour, Leah straddles Pascal on the couch while Antonia guides his cock in with her feet. More fucking in missionary, doggy and piledriver before Pascal turns his attention to Antonia and fucks her in spoons, reverse cowgirl and missionary on the bed. Finally Pascal pulls out and cums over Antonia's toes.

Basically a 90 minute long scene. For the average viewer the action is not particularly hot, but it does what it says on the tin for the foot fetishist.

Review by Bayleaf
June 2012

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