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Released: 2007
Director: Rob Stone
Notes: Rob Stone Films
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Running time: 121 mins. (European Version 150 mins.)

Love him or loath him, Rob Stone is one of the most controversial directors working in Britain today and his latest (and some say last) film, Trash Whores, is bound to fuel the fires on both sides of the argument. Where most have tiptoed towards what's decent and permissible under the BBFC, Rob has jumped in with both feet, releasing an uncut Euro version and ignoring the guidelines. No doubt the ripples will reverberate round the industry for some time. For the British market an abridged R18 version is also available, with 30 minutes chopped out. As for the cast, Rob's stalwart star Miyah appears along side Harmony Hex and Emily, with newish girl Katie Fox and screen virgins Paradise Summers and Sareena Majewska rounding off the girls.

In ripped stockings and parcel tape, Paradise lies amongst bin bags, swigging at a bottle. A boiler suited Rob wants to know why she is out with the rubbish. She tells him her pussy and arse no longer work. He thinks he can fix her. Paradise's restoration starts by her pissing into a can. Pulling open Rob's trouser poppers she finds "suck here" chalked on his cock. So, she does. Filling her mouth with lager, Rob jabs his dick down her throat. Paradise pulls at the spit covered shaft. Placed on a graffiti covered inflatable chair, Rob hammers away at Paridise's pussy. Falling onto the floor, he pulls her up to pile drive. Down on all fours, amid the trash, Rob bangs away at Paradise doggy style. A big plastic finger is forced into her fanny to make sure it works. Then, with lager as lubricant, Rob rehabilitates Paradise's arse. A long hard session of bum bashing finishes with Paradise gulping down lager before Rob cums in her mouth.

Dressed in a black bag bikini held together with strips of red plastic, Katie Fox swings round in a swivel chair, surrounded by plastic and cardboard. Tearing at her outfit, she plays with her tits and pussy as Tony enters. She takes his cock and fills her mouth with it. Tony straps a tin to her tits then fucks her throat. It's soon full of saliva. Pouring it into Katie's mouth, it trickles over her chin and onto her boobs. Kneeling on the chair, Katie is entered from behind. The two move to a mound of papers and boxes where she rides Tony, cowgirl. Lying on a bin bag, Katie shows her suppleness with her legs pushed behind her head while being fucked, missionary. Sitting back on the chair, Katie moans and sighs as Tony's dick enters her arse. The pair rock back and her pussy juices bubble as he bangs away. Spread out on a sheet of plastic, Katie rides Tony's cock up her bum. His fingers grope at her fanny as she bounces. The pair fall on their sides where the bonking continues. Katie sits up and takes a spoon to catch Tony's spunk. She puts it into her mouth.

Dressed as a cat in a fake fur bikini, Harmony scavenges through the bins. Slipping her boobs out, she sits in the corner. Pulling a double-ended dildo from her tail, Harmony eases it past her black knickers and starts to wank when Rob arrives with some more rubbish. Beckoning Harmony over, Rob bends her over the bin to spank her arse. His fingers find their way into her fanny and come out glistening with her juices. Slipping off her top, Rob squeezes and sucks at Harmony's tits. She slides down his body to devour his shaft. Opening a tub of cream, Harmony laps at the lid. Rob dips his dick in the pot and pops it into her mouth. More cream is added as Rob stuffs his cock down Harmony's throat. It runs down his prick, dripping onto her tits. Turning over the dustbin lid, licking and lapping, Harmony uses it as a bowl. Rob pours the remains over her bum as a prelude to fucking her. The bell on Harmony's collar jangles as she's entered from behind. Rob turns her over and jams a squeaky toy in her mouth. A carton of milk is emptied over Harmony's pussy. Rob jabs in with his dick, then gets her to ride him reverse, using her knickers to stifle the screams. Shagging over, Rob jerks his jizz into Harmony's mouth and sticks in the toy before leaving.

Gagged and chained, a leather and net clad Emily has been dumped in a shopping trolley. Graffiti covered Miyah, wrapped in plastic, appears sucking on a long steel toy. Picking up a pen, she writes over Emily's forehead. Stretching open her mouth, their two tongues tangle. Miyah spits down her throat. Standing up in the basket, Emily's tits are wrenched from her black studded bra. Miyah slaps and bites at her boobs. Sat back on the trolley, glow sticks are shoved into her pussy. Turned over, Miyah laps at Emily's arse. A good squirt of washing up liquid and a knobbled steel shaft is stuck in Emily's bum, with Miyah holding the other end in her mouth. Lying under the trolley like a caged animal, Emily wanks with a bottle of salad dressing. Above her, Miyah gags on a toy, her saliva falling on Emily's face, before indulging in watersports. Bending Emily forward, Miyah syringes milk shake into her bum and awaits the results. Using a funnel, more fluid is added to Emily's arse. Taking her revenge, Emily rams glow sticks into Miyah's fanny and bum, then chews at her swollen cunt lips. Using the fingers of both hands, she is pulled open wide. More washing up liquid is applied to Emily for some anal strap-on action. Miyah ends on the floor, on sheets of damp cardboard, sucking at Emily's pissy pussy.

In her black rubber dress, blonde Sareena claims her pussy is a waste disposal unit capable of destroying anything. Emptying out his bag, Rob gives it a try. Firstly with some antiperspirant, then with a bottle of pop. Seeing that her pussy works, Rob moves to her mouth. Sareena swallows, gargling as the cock goes down her throat. Rob rubs his balls against her nose as he reaches down to fill her fanny with fingers. Hanging a bag from her ears, Rob slams into her mouth. A tube is added along side his cock and he empties in a bottle of 'cooking oil'. Her head back, spit dribbles over her face. Cracking an egg, Rob adds it to the saliva mixture and stirs it in Sareena's mouth with his dick. The yellow goo drips onto her tits. Groaning, Rob rams his rod into Sareena's pussy. A plastic bag in her mouth quietens her down. Turning onto all fours, Sareena's arse is filled with blue liquid. It squirts out as Rob fucks her. He lies back so she can ride his cock up her bum. Propped up against a cardboard box, Sareena is pile driven. She slides down to be shagged doggy. Shooting through the bottom of a bucket, Sareena's head is dunked under water. Her wet hair plastered back and make-up smeared, Rob continues to fuck her till he's ready to cum. Sareena opens her mouth to take his load.

Rob and Miyah should be commended for trying something different. Reducing their flat to the squalor of a rubbish dump and dressing the girls in old plastic and tape is a novel way to address the green issue. As to the action, the first three scenes are fine, but I have to admit the last two are a tad too rough for my taste. It's hardly surprising these scenes are the most controversial in the film and where most of the cuts have been made for the British version. The debate will go on as to whether Rob is a brilliant director pushing the bounds of what's acceptable, or a sick perverted madman with a camera... Whatever your views, Trash Whores is unlike anything you've seen before.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Arnold Layne's view:

  • Scene 1: Paradise Summers
  • Scene 2: Katie Fox
  • Scene 3: Miyah & Emily X
  • Scene 4: Harmony Hex
  • Scene 5: Sareena Majewska
  • DVD Extra's: An option of exclusive music only or just dialogue, plus trailers for Dare Devils & Slutfinder

What a swansong! The last ever film from Rob & Miyah is possibly the best British porno ever made (after Dogging Diaries #2). I got both versions to compare and there really isn't a lot of difference other than the watersports scenes, the head dunking in a bowl and some enema and other object insertions. I'll leave the descriptive scene by scene breakdowns to Dawn "Hot Totty" though.

I'm not a big fan of Brit porn whatsoever. The days of great anticipation for the latest Ben Dover movie are long gone - gimme some 70's US classics anyday. I have a mate who works in a sex shop who informs me that just a couple of British films are being released a week on R18 and the content is pretty dreadful, with customers often bringing the film back. BUT never has a Rob Stone film been returned - the proof is in the punch as they say. Sure, these titles are as hard as it legally gets, but to quote regular poster Harmony Luver, "Rob Stone brings out the animal in the women" (or words to that effect) and the talent in this movie is just as capable of outfucking as to be fucked.

For those not familiar with Rob's films, they are shot in a kind of docu-gonzo style. Here, to quote the cover, "6 insanely nasty UK sluts turn themselves into human garbage cans, forcing hardcore depravity to its outer limits". The film features gard anal, gagging, pissing, objects, enemas and rough sex.

It's hard to pick an out and out favourite scene as, apart from Miyah, it was the first time I'd seen any of the girls in this on film. Stunning Paradise Summers reminds me of a young McKenzie Lee. Harmony Hex is dressed as a cat who gets the cream in one hell of a great outifit. The lesbian scene between Miyah and Emily X has to be my fave if I was pushed, simply because it's so fucking outrageous! Miyah looks better than ever and this is also the first anal from Emily X. I wasn't that keen on the Katie Fox scene - Tony James didn't seem to push them as far as Rob does. That's not a criticism, it's just down to the performer.

Every scene includes anal (apart from the Harmony Hex one). My favourite b/g scene has to be the last with Sareena, looking very similar to Euro babe Mia Stone (Yes RB, really!). This is the head dunking one, which I'm sure will get the tongues wagging. Both performers are on fire here. An underwater camera shows the head dunking in a bowl to great effect and I really don't think it'll spark off a wave of head dunking across the UK.

All in all it's one exciting, superbly shot porno movie. The picture is almost like watching high def, chapters are in all the right places, even the music is cool if you mess around with the audio button. If you don't dig really hard sex or don't want to see the head dunking and some pissing, then you can always opt for the UK cut. Sareena is so damn beautiful I look foward to seeing her in more movies (I just hope they stand up with this!). I bought both versions and gave one to a mate. I like this movie a lot, so wherever you are Rob & Miyah ... cheers!

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