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Released: 2007
Notes: Film Erotica
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Running time: 157 mins.

With their distinctive artwork, Film Erotica movies have always stood out on the shelf from the rest of the DVDs on display. Unfortunately, in the past the quality of the films has not always matched the box cover. With Touch Wood, five of Britain's hottest stars have been brought together in a tale about publishing. Renee Richards is an aspiring author just about to publish her first book about sex. The film follows her in a trip around London as she prepares to get her work released.

Publisher Steve Hooper checks his watch. There's still some time before Renee arrives, so while he waits he asks secretary Alexis to give him a blow job. As Alexis wanks at Steve's cock, he appears more interested in the type of biscuits she has served with his coffee. Steve's attention changes when Alexis slips her big boobs out of her black bra and Steve starts sucking them. Alexis sandwiches Steve's shaft between her tits then pops it back into her mouth. The session is cut short when Renee arrives.

With Steve busy with Renee in his office, Lee Henshaw calls in to see Alexis. Still hot and horny, she gets him to continue from where Steve left off. Peeling down her black knickers, Alexis lounges back on a chair, her legs parted, with Lee lapping at her clit. His hands reach up to play with her boobs, making her body stiffen. She runs her fingers through his hair as he sucks. Taking out his cock, Alexis has it deep into her mouth when Steve and Renee reappear. The two join in. Undoing her black dress, Renee wraps her lips around Steve's dick. Alexis kneels beside her as she's fucked doggy style. The girls kiss while the boys bang away at their pussies. Climbing onto a sofa, the two swap guys and ride their pricks. Ripping at Renee's fishnet stockings, Lee stuffs her toes into his mouth as he fucks. Renee kneels to finger Alexis's arse and laps at Steve's nut sack. Lee fills her from behind while she sucks. Lee moves back to the sofa. Alexis sinks down onto his cock, reverse cowgirl. A few deep thrusts and his rod twitches as he fires his cum into her cunt. Falling back onto Lee, Alexis wants Steve's spunk on her tits. Renee runs her fingers through his cream.

Back at the hotel, Renee takes a shower. Gently soaping her body, she lets the water trickle over herself. Entering the bedroom to dress, Isabel is buried under the duvet. The two kiss. Renee pulls down the bedclothes and nibbles at Isabel's nipples on her way down to her hairy muff. Her tongue dances over her clit. Isabel stretches her pussy open to take Renee's fingers. Flopping back, it's Renee's turn to be fingered. The girls grind their pussies together. Smearing baby lotion over Isabel's tits, Renee has to go out.

Opening the door, Steve and Lee have dropped in to see Renee. She explains she has to go, but Isabel will entertain the pair. The boys massage Isabel's boobs and legs as she reaches out for their cocks. Lee's fingers wander into her fanny and start pumping. Her tits resting on Steve's thigh, she laps as his cock. Lee slips his prick into her pussy. Sitting on Steve's man meat, Isabel probes her throat with Lee's prick. The three roll round and she's spit roasted. Lee moves his cock into her arse and the two bang away cowgirl. Twisting and turning, Steve works his way into her pussy for a good hard DP session. Jumping up, the guys jet their loads over Isabel's tits.

In pinstriped blouse and skirt, Lolly sits on the edge of the bath. Pulling her pink knickers to one side, she pisses as she waits for Renee to turn up. Late, Renee is bent over Lolly's knee to have her bum spanked, leaving her cheeks glowing rosy red. Spreading Renee's pussy, Lolly spits and jams in her fingers. She makes Renee lick them. Kissing, Lolly rives off Renee's jacket. Pushing her back, her boobs pop out of her purple and black basque. She grabs at them. Lolly lets Renee take over, sitting on her face and biting at her erect nipples. She bends forward for some multiple finger action. Ramming a black butt plug into Lolly's arse, Renee works away at her cunt. Lolly wriggles as a purple vibrator is added to her pussy. The two grind their bodies together. Lolly deep throats the toys and the two kiss.

Renee has arranged to meet up with Suzie on her way to interview a porn distributor. They make their way to Pascal's cramped office. Slipping off Renee's high heels, Pascal licks her toes through her fishnet stockings as his hand works its way under Suzie's denim skirt. Getting the girls to turn and show him their bums, Pascal rips open Suzie's lace tights to pull her black panties tight into her snatch. Renee drops down to munch at Suzie's minge. Pascal stands behind her, easing her pert boobs out of her black top. Reaching back, Suzie unzips Pascal's pants and pulls out his prick. She turns to take it between her lips. Renee pokes her tongue in her arse. The girls swap places. Suzie lies on the floor under Renee, lapping at her clit while Renee sucks at Pascal. Kneeling on a chair, Renee is fucked from behind. Suzie moves in to lick at the pair then spreads out on a bench to be sucked. With Renee crouched over her face, Suzie is shagged missionary. Pascal sandwiches his cock between Suzie's feet then turns his attentions to Renee. Pascal moves onto the chair. Suzie sinks his shaft into her arse. She stands still with a cock in her bum. Placed on a table, Pascal bangs away at Suzie's back door. Renee takes her turn on Pascal's prick. He pulls out to coat Renee's pussy in jizz. Suzie licks up the cream.

There's no questioning either the girls or the sizzling action in the film. The story line, however, is a little wanting and the title, along with the tape on the box cover, could be from a DIY video. It's great that Isabel, Lolly and Suzie are there, but there's no explanation as to what they are doing. Only Alexis as Steve's secretary made sense in the plot. Forget all the stuff about Renee writing a book, it's the strong cast and hot sex which make the film worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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